Madras Music and Dance Season 2010-2011

Its time for  “The Season” again.

I will try to provide links to various concert schedules and other season related information here.

Some concert Schedules:

  • Madras Music Academy- Music and Dance Festival Schedule published at
  • Vani Mahal- Bharatham 2011 Festival Schedule. There are a few  group dance programs by students of Anitha Guha and Radhika Surajit even earlier, please check them out. You need to scroll to the bottom to see the dance festival details.
  • Bharat Kalachar has a lot of dance programs scheduled during the season.. check them out here and here
  • Many other sabha concert schedules are provided at
  • Mr. R. Ramkumar’s exhaustive concert schedules featured in his fantastic blog “My Story- ISB and Beyond!!!” is a must visit place for all carnatic music lovers. Here you will find more than just the schedule to occupy yourselves.

If you want your program to be added up to our event calendar, please leave the following details in a comment, or you can even email it to us. The event calendar is also automatically updated and displayed in the middle column of our Front page.

  • Date
  • Time and Duration
  • Venue
  • Theme/program Title
  • Sabha /Sponsor details
  • Ticketing info

Have a Fantastic Season!!

8 responses to “Madras Music and Dance Season 2010-2011

  1. Sangeetha mam ,can you tell me what bharathanatyam kacheri means?

    Dear Dr.Seethalekshmy,

    “kacheri” means “concert”. So, basically it would mean BN concert/recital.
    I don’t know/understand if you are looking for something deeper in terms of the difference in ritualistic compositions and compositions meant for stage though.


  2. Just saw your event calendar.
    Gana mukundhapriya is not a venue, it’s a sabha!
    (this is about Meera Sreenarayanan’s performance on 13 Dec). Besides, your Google lists the timings as “When Mon Dec 13 1:30pm – 3pm GMT”!

    Hi Again,
    The timing shown on the feed would depend on your google calendar time zone settings. For me it shows 7pm-8.30pm IST. Because of this abberation I also list the timing on the title as a precaution.
    As for Ganamukundapriya being a organizer and not a venue… I am wondering about it too. But the information that was sent to me and the invitation states GMP as the venue. You aware of the right venue?

  3. In her Facebook page it’s listed as “R.K.Swamy Auditorium”, but the venue is not mentioned in the invitation that I saw on Subha’s wall. No wonder, they are not from Chennai.

    Thanks Ashwini
    I have written to them for clarification. ” Dakshinamurthy auditorium, PSHS school, mylapore” it is!
    It is indeed mind boggling for those who don’t come from Madras to know that a “sabha” could just be an organizer or a venue. Some organizing sabhas have their own auditoriums, others just borrow / rent other sabha spaces.. He he!

  4. Hi,
    Thanks – this is really useful – is there any site where I can go first thing in the morning and get a listings of all the programmes for the day by time rather than by venue?


  5. Vanakam-When can we expect 2012 programme

    Vanakkam Suren! I am getting to it…. But right now not having the kind of time this assignment needs.
    Thanks and Regards,

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