Indian Ministry of Culture’s policy on the funding of “mega-festivals”

Here is an article titled “For a culture policy” published in a column authored by Bhaskar Ghose in the magazine “Frontline”.

“The Ministry of Culture has drafted a policy on the funding of what it calls “mega-festivals”. This is, in principle, something that deserves to be supported. It is an indication of the concern at the national level about nurturing such events, and the fact that a beginning has been made to address it has to be applauded. Having said that, one must take on board the caution advocated in an editorial published in The Hindu on November 4. It said: “[T]oken annual grants accompanied by cumbersome procedures will not attract, much less nurture, creativity. Nor will it make any difference to the quality of cultural festivals.” A long-term guarantee of sustained funding was suggested, which, one must add, needs to be substantial enough to make a significant difference, and not remain a mere token of interest.” -Bhose

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Credits: Mr. Ragothaman


One response to “Indian Ministry of Culture’s policy on the funding of “mega-festivals”

  1. Sir,

    Thanks for the info. I read the complete article. As Bhaskar Ghose wishes “The Ministry of Culture needs to make its own statement, one that a host of people can criticise, praise, excoriate, revise and do all manner of things to. But it will still be the Ministry’s statement, and stand. Policy will flow from it, and also action. Again, attracting criticism, anger and praise.”

    Being my negative self, I doubt whether that will ever happen. Otherwise it will just be another invention of Babus to route tax payers funds to their own selves.

    I feel Madras Season should be left to the Sabhas to maintain its legacy. Otherwise it will become like World Tamil Conference!!

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