Bharathamuni and Ilango Adigal to share space

Here is a link from Mr. Ragothaman. This link takes you to a Times of India article that details the future direction of the Bharata Muni temple planned by Dr. Padma Subramanyam. In an apparent compromise with TN CM Dr. K. Karunanidhi, she has apparently agreed to jointly dedicate this temple to Bharathamuni and Ilango Adigal, the author of Silappathikaram, one of the 5  celebrated major literary work in Tamizh.

Related  report from The Hindu

Project: Bharata–Ilango Foundation for Asian Culture

Cost of the project: Rs. 15 crores

Estimated Duration: 18 months

Location: Pattipulam Village off East Coast Road near Mamallapuram


4 responses to “Bharathamuni and Ilango Adigal to share space

  1. Well, Nothing but politics, real estate, self aggrandizement and utter waste of public money! Why is art taking the back seat? With the same budget we can teach dance to thousands of toddlers in government schools in Tamilnadu with costumes and required instruments.

    As for as government is concerned if they preserve the existing temples and maintain them that would be a great service.

    Has ABHAI run out of Ideas? Please consult some genuine scholars.

    Hi There!

    I think I was told that academic activities (teaching/research and archiving) are also intended to be a big part of this Centre and that the facilities would be “world class”( This term is now synonymous with CWG for me). I am not sure if those activities are accounted for in this budget though.


  2. @Ravishankar ,

    Where, where are those “genuine scholars”???
    By the way, ABHAI too is a political organization.

    As for “self aggrandizement”, if there is a temple for ………, naturally …………..wants one for herself!

    CWG was funded with the Central Govt. budget. The donations for Padma Subramanyam’s “temple” (there was one for Khushboo) – which is now not going to be a temple but just a folk arts centre – were obtained in exactly the same manner as for …. political campaigns. You can easily verify that the PS school students and teachers were bullied to “donate” Rs.100 each to Padma Subramanyam. A temple built with money extortion and threats (the teachers were told they would be fired if they didn’t participate) is a temple where Rajnikanth should be the dancing priest.

    Dear Ashwini,
    You seem to have so much of what can be termed “insider info”.
    And I don’t understand the reason for your choice of the dancing priest!

  3. Hi Ashwini,
    Long time no see…We all were wondering if you still on this planet and dancing. Not that we missed you. BTW, What are you trying to say in the last few lines?

  4. Thanks for the info Sangeetha and Ashwini. Still a skeptic will remain one. CWG is definitely “world class” with its alleged scam budget itself being around 17000 crores.

    That way Padmaji’s budget is indeed notional. I only wonder about the unconvincing association of Bharatamuni and Ilango Adigal. Why are we still talking of Aryan and Dravidian culture? By Bharatamuni’s time itself there was already a pan-Indian psyche and culture. The Aryan invasion theories have been substantially repudiated many times over. These two are believed to exist only in linguistic classification.

    Of course political parties have nourished themselves on these. Besides the association is still intriguing as to the time. size, genre and scope of the treatises. I guess Tolkappiar could have been a nearer associate.

    And genuine scholars? there are many who religiously stay away from stage lights,including yours truly 🙂

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