Review : Smt. Sujatha Srinivasan at Annamacharya Aradhana Celebrations 2010

By Suvarna Pappu

A perfect blend of abhinaya and nritta marked thedance recital of Smt. Sujatha Srinivasan andgroup.
Smt Sujatha along with her disciples presented“Nritya Lahari” – A Tribute to Annamacharya’scompositions in Vazhuvoor style of Bharathanatyam.

The performance began with the traditional Anjalipresented by Smt. Sujatha in Ragam Natai andAdi Thalam. This was followed by a ParamaPurusha in Shanmukhapriya and Rupaka Thalam.The song began with a sloka from VishnuSahasranamam and went on to describe LordVishnu. Next in the sequence was Dolayam inKamaas and Chathusra- Eka Thalam. This waspresented by Shriya Srinivasan and MahimaVenkatesh wherein the girls entered as if carryingLord Vishnu in a palanquin and continued todescribe the Narasimha and Vamana avatara. Aninteresting choreography by Smt. Sujatha and thedancers portrayed the episodes well.

The prime item of the performance was a Javali /Padam combination presented by Smt. Sujatha forYellaradamma / Polati Javvanammuna, wherein shedescribed the Virahotkanditha Nayika who is noneother than Alamelumanga waiting for LordVenkateshwara. Smt. Sujatha’s abhinaya excellenceshowcased her mastery of the Vazhuvoor style. Hermaturity as a dancer and the ease with which shebrought out the feeling and the dual role of thesakhi trying to pacify Alamelumanga was portrayedwith grace and versatility.

Next, Alarulu Kuriyaga was presented by ShriyaSrinivasan and Mahima Venkatesh. Shriya wasgraceful and expressive in her portrayal of theAlamelumanga. Mahima Venkatesh depicted LordVenkateshwara. The program then went on to SmtSujatha presenting Mangambudi Hanumantha,Thillana (by Sri. T.K.Govinda Rao) and MaraliMarali Jaya Mangalam which concluded theperformance.

NEOTA (Northeast Ohio Telugu Association) conducts Annamacharya Aradhana Celebrations is Cleveland, Ohio each year to highlight the life and works of the great poet, composer Tallapaka Annamacharya. The event has achieved success in bringing together teachers, students and music enthusiasts alike, that extol and enjoy the beauty and devotion in Annamayya’s compositions through music and dance performances. Over the years, NEOTA has strived towards adding quality, variety and uniqueness to the program, and has been momentous in getting the community, young and adult, involved in various aspects of the festivities. Our hope is to continue to provide this enriching experience to audiences within and outside the Cleveland area, where Gurus, Shishyas, Rasikas and Sahridayas can share, learn and inspire one another in the true tradition of preserving and perpetuating the Indian art experience.

For  more information on NEOTA’s activities and latest updates, visit us on-line at or email

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