Unusual Search Landing!!!

My blogging activities in the recent past have been extremely limited in terms of maintenance.  I have been curious about the search terms that bring readers to this blog and have been looking into it for the past 1 month or so. Apart from the predictable search terms, there are a few that amuse me. Some of these terms are hilarious because the reader has started with no clear idea of what  he/she is looking for. I just hope that the search engines helped clarify things. And then there are a few terms/phrases that make you stop and think.. “come on don’t tell me they are looking for it!”

These search terms have landed people on this blog between August 11, 2010 and Septemeber 15, 2010.

  • “asthanayi–  bharatanatyam theory “( as in 8 dogs???)
  • does aishwarya narayanaswamy got married” – (Dancers this definitely tells  that you have  attained the celebrity status. People want to know about your personal stuff. Should I start a bridal and baby shower section for the young artistes?? Fans could start sending in their wishes.. awww cho chweet.. 🙂 )
  • bharathanatyam iyengar“- (is this a new class like Iyengar Yoga?)
  • anniyan madras music academy” (did they screen the movie there? why now?)
  • nattuvan come“- (is there a pun intended?)
  • “some malathi “- (well ok… they are looking for some anyone named Malathi, seems fair enough, hope they found her)
  • royalty free bharatanatyam” – (!!!, whom do the usual royalties go to?)
  • needed bharathanatyam fresh graduate” (seriously I am thinking of opening up a classifieds column.. vancancy and looking for job sections.. hmm or is it the matrimonial thingy that they were thinking about ??)
  • secrets of raja raja cholan“- (secret on the internet ceases to be one my friend)
  • anita ratnam vs priyadarsini govind” ( you make it sound like a violent sport, my reader)
  • bharatanatyam call centre” (??? & what is that???… )
  • sangeethaworld press” (it still brought them here.. yay!!!)
  • ugliest ranga” (what on earth ???)

There are a few that  are downright upsetting, because people are also looking for unpleasant stuff about young and accomplished artistes alike. We do sometimes crib at the lack of rasikas. Looks like we should also start worrying about the intent of a few rasikas !

5 responses to “Unusual Search Landing!!!

  1. “does aishwarya narayanaswamy got married” – u know the kind of people with their english!

    anita ratnam vs priyadarsini govind – when i was a kid, I always got confused between the two.. they look alike i thought! But now, there is like a cold war going on between them…

    Hi MR,
    Everything is pathetic about these search terms 😦

  2. “bharatanatyam call centre” and “sangeethaworld press” made me laugh…come on people search using good queries…
    Sangeetha, continue having a tab on search terms, would be interesting to see if the trend is increasing or decreasing with time…I would be interested to see for an year…

    Hi R,
    Bharathanatyam call centre is definitely worth giving a thought..seriously.
    Will sure keep a tab on the search terms. That should be interesting.
    Wordpress lets us look at the top search terms and posts for as long as the blog has been alive. But the info is limited to the top 25 queries or so. Should look into what kind of data mining would be possible. Definitely we should be able to see some trend, though it may not be all that accurate statistically.
    If we need to catch these weird ones, which are not so routine, we have to check on a weekly basis.

  3. I can excuse ashta nayi, sangeethas worldpress, nattuvan come, secrets of raja raja cholan, Bharathanatyam call center etc… they are at least in search of something they want to know about

    anniyan music academy- is because this person feels alienated in MMA may be. A feeling a lot of middle class not so famous people going there have..

    The ones searching for “does aishwarya narayanaswamy got married”, “AR vs PG”, some Malathi, ugliest Ranga- God save your souls.. go get a life… Please…we beg of you.

  4. Akka, this post made my day!! I was really tired, and when I read this, I burst out laughing!
    Well, I hope the people who search for these things get enlightened with the quality articles on this blog and stop searching for silly terms! But ugliest Ranga? Really?? Poor Ranga!!

    Dear ST,

    I am glad to be of help!
    I am not sure there is much enlightenment to be found here ! But I am equally sure they cant find “ugliest Ranga” here, whatever/whoever that means. And imagine looking up for “some” Malathi.

  5. i say go for that classifieds. Maybe you can make some revenue for yourself! 🙂 kutcheribuzz is hopeless. i wonder how many people get work/get artists from there.those brochures i think sit there forever and no one really uses them.

    tab ideas for classifieds
    need male dancers. with not ugly natyarambham. no neo natyam. angavastram needed. looking for within pandanallur and kalakshetra style. tanjore acceptable. non smoking and non drinking. 😀

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