Watch Vaggeyabharatham Live

Natyarangam’s (Dance Wing of Narada Gana Sabha Trust) 14th Annual Bharatanatyam Festival ,Vaggeyabharatham held between  30th August – 3rd September 2010 can be watched live online

Update (Sep 3, 2010)

The live streaming  was stopped during  Ms. Urmila’s presentation of K.N. Dandayuthapani’s unpublished Kambodhi Varnam, as per her request. Quite a few heartbreaks -for rasikas who had scheduled their tasks for the day to watch her, and particularly this varnam. Some Urmila fans missing work at USA and others missing sleep in the SE Asian Region were definitely sad and upset.

2 responses to “Watch Vaggeyabharatham Live

  1. Thanks for this amazing link.

    Hi R,
    Thanks also due to Mr. Rajendran for sharing this earlier and to Madhana Raghavan for reminding me to put this up here.

  2. I was kinda pissed :-|… i was so looking forward to it and was disappointed.. Friends in Chennai say that the choreo and lyrics of the varnam were good!!

    Hi MR,
    No worries, I am sure it will make its appearance in the Dec Festival. Then there will be the “stealers” who will slurp it up and present it with their minor modifications. And if the Varnam is really good, within a decade it would be the next Swami Naan Undan Adimai/ Sakhiye/Mohamana…. dont you worry… we can see lots of it then.
    And of course we will also have this special anecdote to share this “historical event ” with our gen-next .
    By the way, anyone aware of why the varnam was not streamed?


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