Natyarangam’s Dance Festival in Chennai (Aug 30th- Sep 3rd, 2010)

Ten chosen dancers will interpret the verses of great vaggeyakaras through adavu and abhinaya at this year’s Natyarangam festival from August 30 to September 4.
  • Aug 30th- Alarmel Valli
  • From Aug 31st onwards 2 programs per day. first one begins at 6pm and the next one at 7.30pm
  • Aug 31st- Aishwarya Narayanaswmay and Manjari
  • Sep 1st -T.M. Sridevi and Praveenkumar
  • Sep 2nd- Divasundar and Gayathri  & Balagurunathan
  • Sep 3rd- Radhika Vairavelan and Urmila Sathyanarayanan

For more information on the compositions going to be dealt with by each of these dancers, visit

Thanks to Mr.Rajendran for sharing this here.

4 responses to “Natyarangam’s Dance Festival in Chennai (Aug 30th- Sep 3rd, 2010)

  1. 6/10- Kalakshetra???
    2 nearing Kalakshetra!!!
    1- Tanjore

    so, NGS Style Preference – Kalakshetra???

  2. Hema, as far as I know, the chief of Natyarangam is a retired Indian Army General, hence his preference for the marching style of dance.

  3. Dear Ashwini,

    Who is the chief of Natyarangam? I absolutely salute this festival for the way they come up with a different theme each year.

    I love the Kalakshetra Style. But a few girls of this paani are slightly manly in their presentation for eg in their arudhis,sarukku )dhit thai), mei adavu of thillanas etc. But this is not a blanket feature… Manjari for that matter, when I watched her on purple stream was quite soft.Also I feel the earlier girls from Kalakshetra were more soft as I see from the few You tube presentations. Rukmini Devi I see from the few photos that I have does come across more feminine from other passouts. Just my thoughts. i may be completely wrong and this may just be my opinion.

  4. few photos and some youtube videos can t underestimate on something.i feel as an artist we all should n’ t be jumped over and a say something which is not true. and arudhis should be strong some off them did t like tat doesn t mean they from kalakshetra(fakely using kalakshetra name) and kalakshetra is teaching in that way is their problem who never used their brain when they were in kalakshetra, go their spend time with kalakshetra if u want to know. it will be different experience. even for the marching also u need experience, thank u

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