An Introduction to Hasta Viniyogas

I am ever grateful to The Hindu for all the the space and coverage that they provide for Arts in general and Bharathanatyam in particular . In their recently lanuched beta edition, they have come up with this “Learn the Lingo ” slide show series on the usage of hastas. Anjana Rajan provides the text for this section.

Currently they have completed their series on  Asamyutha Hastas. Their vision is not to provide a complete pictorial dictionary of all the viniyoga slokas. This is an interesting piece of work for students of dance and others who are interested in enriching their Indian classical dance vocabulary.

I just hope their filing method makes  access easier for readers.

Mr. Ragothaman sends in these links to related pages from the Friday features. These pages provide a textual description of the usage.

Asamyutha Hastas ( Single Handed Gestures)

  1. (Pathakam)
  2. (Tripathakam)
  3. (Ardhapathakam)
  4. (kartarimukham)
  5. (Mayuram)
  6. (Ardhachandran)
  7. Aralam
  8. Shukathundam
  11.– Kapitham
  12. Katakamukham
  13. -suchi
  14.– chandrakala
  15. padmakosham
  16. sarpasirsham
  17. mrigasirsham
  18. simhamukham
  19. kangulam
  20. alapadmam
  21. chaturam
  22. bramharam
  23. hamsasyam
  24. hamsapakshakam
  25. sandamsham
  26. mukulam
  27. tamarachuda
  28. trishoolam

Samyutha hastas (Two-handed/Joint gestures)

  1. Anjali
  2. Kapotham
  3. karkatam
  4. Swasthikam
  5. Dola
  6. pushpaputam
  7. Utsangam
  8. shivalingam
  9. katakavardhanam
  10. kartariswasthikam
  11. shakatam
  12. shankhu
  13. chakram
  14. samputam
  15. pasha
  16. kilakam
  17. Matsya
  18. Koorma
  19. Garuda
  20. Nagabhandam
  21. Katva

If you did find the missing ones, please let us know.

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