Sruti’s E. Krishna Iyer Medal 2010

Sruti Foundation will honor the three following personalities on 21st August, 2010, 5.30 pm at BVB, Mylapore, Chennai

E. Krishna Iyer Medal- Smt. Vyjayanthimala Bali (Bharathanatyam)
Vellore Gopalachariar Memorial award- Smt. Padmavathy Ananthagopalan (Veena)
M.Venkatakrishnan Memorial Award-Sri. R. Krishnaswami (secy. NGS)

Narthaki Natraj will present a BN recital with emphasis on Tanjore Quartet’s rare compositions, to commemorate the bicentenary year of Vadivelu (of the Quartet).


One response to “Sruti’s E. Krishna Iyer Medal 2010

  1. Respected Sir,

    I am forwarding aweb of a senor A Grade Veena Artiste, Please inform and confirm whether any chance for veena recital programme, who have been in stage for more than 28 years

    Dear S. Ramesh,
    Thanks for visiting. This blog just identifies and posts events/news related to Bharathanatyam. We do not organize events. If I do get to hear of opportunities, will share them with you.
    Best Wishes,

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