Opportuntiy to perform at ABHAI’s “BRHAN – NATYA – YAGNA” at Thanajavur

The Association of Bharatanatyam Artistes of India (ABHAI) under the leadership of its president Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam plans to conduct the Brhan- Natya- Yagna, an offering of dance by 1000 dancers to commemorate the 1000th year of the Brihadeeswara Temple at Thanjavur. The  artistes will come together on the evening of 25th September 2010, in the temple premises to pay obeisance to Brihadeeswara and Raja Raja Cholan by performing together .

(a) Open to ABHAI members
(b) Open to disciples of gurus who are ABHAI members.
(c) Minimum age – 12 years
(d) Must have performed the Salangai Pooja

* Donate Rs.100 to ABHAI and participate in the Brhan-Natya Yagna.
Last date for Registration: 15th August 2010.
Outstation participants can send DD in favour of ABHAI.
Queries may be sent only to: abhaichennai@gmail.com
Or contact ABHAI office: (91-44) – 24994751 (11am to 4pm)

* Dance gurus must inform ABHAI about the number of students they will be sending for this event. Individual dancers not attached to a guru can also participate.

* Dance gurus participating will be given a DVD with the specific items – on Vinayaka and Karur Devar’s verses on the Thanjavur Peria Kovil. The music composition/arrangement and dance choreography for the event are being taken care of by Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam. Participants are required to adhere to the choreography to ensure uniformity in presentation.

* Participating dancers to wear practice saree costume (colours will specified later). Younger girls to wear salwaar kameez (colours will specified later).

Mr. Ragothaman brings this event to our notice .

For more info : http://www.abhai.org.in/comingprojects.php

9 responses to “Opportuntiy to perform at ABHAI’s “BRHAN – NATYA – YAGNA” at Thanajavur

  1. Sangeetha, have you applied, or do you know anyone who did? How will they “ensure uniformity in presentation”? Why doesn’t Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam “ensure uniformity” in her ballets?

    Sangeetha: No to the first question! The rest of your opinions you need to clarify with those concerned. You or your close ones applying?

    Sindce it is a Yagna, how shall we know if this Brhan- Natya- Yagna was successful or not? (I am eager to see some supernatural phenomena occuring there!!!!!!!!) 🙂

    There is a very interesting wording here, “Individual dancers not attached to a guru”. 🙂

  2. Sangeetha, are you seriously asking me if I or any of my friends applied? Or are you joking?

    Ragothaman, this Yagna will be a super duper Yagna: “This is an occasion to swell with pride”. “We want to express the gratitude of the dance community to the emperor who created this cultural capital.” This is the first time I hear that a Yagna is offered not to a deity but to a dead king.

    Is Padma Subrahmanyam going to compose in 22 sruti the kind of the music that she did for Doorsharshan in 1990, or is she going to swell and burst if she again tries to compose margi dance to desi music? 🙂 If she does the latter, let us see how Lord Nataraja will dance to the desi rock-n-roll of 1000 dancers! Will MTV be broadcasting it? 🙂


    Dear Mr. Venkateshwaran,
    Thanks .
    Please subscribe to the blog by email, by clicking the button on the top right corner. That way you can receive the updates in your email. Please contact ABHAI directly with regards to participating in the Thanajavur event.

  4. Thanks a lot. I also came across a report in Nartaki. but unless there are “well informed critical reviews” from impartial observers many of the questions raised in your columns about uniformity etc. can’t be answered convincingly, though the organizers did their best. They should view some of the programs where ten thousand children produce remarkable simultanious projections from hand held posters to produce a collective slogan. This is a perfected art in China. The (….) chief minister spoilt it all I think by making the dancers to0 wait in place for two hours in the hot sun, so they were enervated before they even started. It is high time we respected art and its practitioners than the politicians. That makes it a poltical event!!!

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