Leela Samson to take charge as chairperson of Sangeet Natak Academy

Leela Samson, a member of Sangeet Natak Academy is expected to soon take charge as  its chairperson . Her appointment was cleared by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh recently.

The Sangeet Natak Akademi – India’s national academy for music, dance and drama – is the first National Academy of the arts set-up by the Republic of India. It was created on 31st of May 1952.As the apex body specializing in the performing arts of the country, the Akademi also renders advice and assistance to the Government of India in the task of formulating and implementing policies and programmes in the field.Additionally, the Akademi carries a part of the responsibilities of the state for fostering cultural contacts between various regions in India, and between India and the world

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Thanks to Mr. Ragothaman for sharing this piece of info with us.

Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Leela-Samson-to-be-Sangeet-Natak-Academy-chairperson/articleshow/6111583.cms

4 responses to “Leela Samson to take charge as chairperson of Sangeet Natak Academy

  1. CONGRATULATIONS. The right person for the right post. May God give more strength to Leela Madam to spread the light of our rich culture and heritage.

  2. Very many Congratulatios to Ms Samson. I am delighted to hear it.

    May God guide you in every step and fulfil all your dreams.

    I pray to God so that you can spread the aroma of our rich heritage and culture and also bring peace and harmony through our music and dance.

    Wish you all the very best in your new leadership role at Sangeet Natak Academy [SNA].

    Please use this one and delete the previous one sent on the 7th July. Many thanks.

  3. a hearty congratulations to Ms Leela Samson.Hope under her leadership, SNA will take some new and important steps to spread our rich culture and heritage

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