Cluttered Desk!!!

Well…. I have been quiet not because there has been nothing to say… it is a case of too much to say and too little time. I am just waiting to see if I finish this post in one sitting!

Did you get to read the article titled “Preserve the house of Tanjore Quartet” in “The Hindu”?

Well if you havent already , here it is

Thanks to Mr. KT of Carnatic Darbar for bringing this to my/our notice.

Hmm the next point on my agenda is to share the views expressed by some die-hard BN fans. They are slighty upset that they didnt get to see enough BN in the World Tamil Conference Theme song.

Not seen it yet?  I am aware  of its appearance in a couple of Tamil Channels at least. If you havent, no worries.

See it on You Tube

Now for some general musing. ..

Went for a show a couple of weeks back. Not an exclusive BN program, but a collage of Indian art Forms(not ina way I expected though). It was a showcase of  Indian Music and Dance , both “Classical” and “Contemporary”.  All of this brought together under a central theme. There were a few wonderful performers with outstanding potential, and lots of average performers. Everything seems to have been rehearsed to perfection.

Throwing together pictures of any and every different kind may not always result in an artistic collage. There is a reason why  mango trees don’t grove in deserts. “Unity” in “Diversity” cannot be thrust upon,  it should come naturally. Patchwork is not always meant to be Art. High pitch, tempo and volume are not measures of quality and attempts to excel solely in these parameters may have pathetic consequences.

Meaningful pauses in an artistic composition help more than just provide rest both to the performer and the audience. They help emphasize, reinforce and aid comprehension of the thoughts presented earlier. Success lies in harnessing the “Power of the Void “ effectively and appropriately, if your idea is to have the crowds understand and appreciate what you present and the idea behind it. If having the crowds sway as long as it is physically possible for them, in their hope to release their pent up emotions and energy is the goal, then that may be a different case. Continuous activity may end up creating din and cacophony.

Every bit of the stage being occupied by artistes doing their own thing… .To me, the disorientation and noise was overwhelming! Kind of like how Dan Brown’s character Robert Langdon feels in confined spaces.

Yes! I did it. I am posting it now. Will come back and edit the draft. I am afraid if I leave it in the drafts, I might not come back to post it all that soon.

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