Music Affects How We Perceive Facial Expressions

From the desk of  Soumya Tilak

This is a very interesting article on how music affects how we perceive facial expressions. It is interesting to know that different kinds of music influence the way you look at a facial expression. This probably suggests a lot about how our audience would perceive our expressions during a performance.

Music can be thought of as a form of emotional communication, with which the performer conveys an emotional state to the listener. This “language” is remarkably powerful – it can evoke strong emotions, and make your heart race or send tingles down your spine. And it is universal – the emotional content of a piece of music can be understood by anyone, regardless of cultural background.
Are the emotions evoked by  piece of music similar to, and can they influence, other emotional experiences? The answer to these questions is unclear. But a new study, which has just been published in Neuroscience Letters, provides both behavioural and physiological evidence that the emotions evoked by music can be transferred to the sense of vision, and can influence how the emotions in facial expressions are perceived.

Read the complete article here.

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3 responses to “Music Affects How We Perceive Facial Expressions

  1. Incredibly interesting article. Thanks for posting & good to see you online again.

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