Kutcheribuzz’s live online coverage of Natyanjali

Kutcheri Buzz is streaming videos of select dance recitals from Chidambaram and Thanjavur.

You will get to see the recitals ‘live’ on five evenings (March 13 to 17th/18th???) between 7.30 p.m. and 10 p.m. IST (tentative). Usually the videos are made available at the website for a reasonable period of time after the Natyanjali too.

To contact the webcast team call mobile phone no. (0) 98410 49155

Source: http://www.kutcheribuzz.com/natyanjali2010/livevideos.asp

You should be able to view the videos of last year’s(2009) Natyanjali at the following URL.


Those of you with slow/dial-up connections will be disappointed though! 

 Kudos to Kutcheibuzz for doing this. I believe all of us should thank them for this.

Thanks to Mr. Madhana Raghavan for reminding me to put this up  ahead of Natyanjali.

2 responses to “Kutcheribuzz’s live online coverage of Natyanjali

  1. Hi! Editors at KuchipudiNotes here. Any idea when when they might post the festival schedule? Would love to know who’s performing this year. Great blog, and thanks for the link to us!

    Hi Kuchipudi Notes!
    Will let you know if we see such a schedule being published.
    Thanks and Regards,

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