Margazhi Tiruvizha in Makkal TV

For dance lovers in Malaysia, I see that Makkal TV (the Astro telecast) is featuring  daily dance performances for Tamil compositions between 8.30- 9.30pm. I am not sure if viewers from other parts of the world can watch the same.

I did get to see Revathi Ramachandran, Lakshmi Ramasamy, Parvath Ravi Gahantasala, her students and so many now. I see the program listed under today’s program info too. The program is anchored by Sasirekha Balasubramaniam.

Unfortunately  the websites of  Makkal TV and Astro dont list this program in their program guides:(  And sigh they interrupt varnams in between and do cut a few of them short. But it is still worth your glance!

I really hope and wish other TV channels follow suit and add dance to their special coverage during the Season

Malaysian viewers dont forget to tune into Channel 203 at  8.30pm .

2 responses to “Margazhi Tiruvizha in Makkal TV

  1. I also watched at chennai. We should be happy that this channel is giving some time for classical dance .

    Hi JK

    I agree with you. Nice to hear that the telecast reaches viewers in other parts too!
    Yesterday I got to watch a little bit of Dhanyasi varnam “Nee Indha mayam” by Smt. Revathi Ramachandran, a padam and a thillana by Smt. Parvathy Ravi Ghantasala

  2. Thiruppavai & Thiruvempavai/ThiruPallEzuchi rendition by Hyderabd Pa Shivawith his beautiful CHOIR along with title dances are a beauty to WATCH with DEVOTION.

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