Dance Writing Challenge and Seminar (Jan 2010)

Ranga Mandira Trust  in collaboration with the Natya(dance) Dept ofDr. MGR Janaki College for Women presents Sri. T. S. Parthasarathy Memorial Dance Seminar

Theme: ” Dance: Its interdisciplinary Significance; Dance- Music, Dance- sculptures, inscriptions and frescoes, Dance-elements of Natya”

Date: Sunday 10th January, 2010

Venue: Dr. MGR Janaki College for Women, Sathyabhama MGR Maaligai 11 &13 Durgabai Deshmukh Rd, Chennai 28

Time: 9.30 am -4.30pm

Sri. T. S. Parthasarathy Memorial Dance Annual Article Writing Challenge

Topic to write on: “Bharathanatyam as an interdisciplinary art”

Last date to send in entries: Jan 3, 2010

Conditions: Article not to exceed 1000 words . Can be sent as an email or posted as hard copies to the following contacts.

Email entries to be sent via email as word.doc

email Id:

Mark cc to

Hard copies to be sent to SRUTI-RM-TSP, c/o S.Janaki, Executive Editor, Sruti, No. 9, Cathedral Road, Chennai- 600n 086.

For further info pl write to

Winners will be announced in the above seminar.

Source: Sruthi, Dec. 2009 issue

Winner announcement

5 responses to “Dance Writing Challenge and Seminar (Jan 2010)

  1. Thanks Sangeetha for sharing this wonderful information. Hopefully, I should be able to send my entry soon.


    Hi Ragothaman,
    Glad to hear that it helps and best wishes..

  2. What does the cryptic “Dance-elements of Natya” stand for?

    Hi Ashwini
    I am not so sure about this. I have been thinking about it too!
    I thought that theme broadly looks at the close relationship(association) of Bharatanatyam to other art forms like music, sculpture etc. But “Dance and elements of Natya”.. I am not sure I understand their view point. Probably they refer to the dramatic (natyam, nrithyam) and rhythmmic (nrittam) aspects. But wouldn’t music include the latter?
    You should probably email them and get it clarified.

  3. Hi,

    Its good to know that our topic has ignited a convrsation. By elements of natya we mean the theatrics that are integral to Natya and how some aspects of these theatrics bharatanatyam shares. it can not be classified as nritta (pure dance), nrityam(not fully dramatic but only representational nritta). the concept of the seminar is to see the significance of dance in these disciplines.

    Join us on the 10th…n share more…

    looking forward

    ranga mandira

    Dear Ranga Mandira,
    Thanks for replying and clarifying.
    I am sure this would make things clearer for those the participants.

  4. So, in the description of the theme,
    “Dance” = “Bharatanatyam”

    Hi again Ashwini..
    Your assumption seems right to me in keeping with the fact that the main theme is listed as ““Bharathanatyam as an interdisciplinary art”.
    And going by their comment “By elements of natya we mean the theatrics that are integral to Natya and how some aspects of these theatrics bharatanatyam shares.” it seems right too!
    You could get this one clarified with them too if you wish to do so.
    Happy New Year
    Best wishes,

  5. Do you think Sruthi’s going to publish the winner’s essay somewhere?

    That I dont know have an inkling about Ashwini!
    Were the winning entries published in the previous years?
    I was just writing to Rangamandira asking them to let us know about the winners.
    Do you know who the winner is?

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