Random Readings, an arangetram and some health advice for dancers.

I am going to put down some  random info (not related to each other). These were sent in to me by readers.

  1. The first one is about Renuka Sajiv Kumar, a 13 year old who recently had her arangetram in UAE. Here is a screen shot of what was probably published in “Gulf Today’s Panorama” . Uploaded here ARTICLE IN GULF TODAY PANORAMA – RENU[1]
  2. Soumya Tilak sends in this interesting link from Kutcheribuzz  where Dr. Krishna Ramdas discusses issues of health and diet for dancers.Pain, weight management and issues like coming back to dance after the pregnancy are taken up. A great read!!! http://www.kutcheribuzz.com/features/interviews/krishnaraman.asp

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