Season 2009-2010’s thematic solos and dance drama lineup

Here I list a  few that I have come across:-

  • “Nandanar Charithram” by Baladevi Chandrashekar. (nandanar charithram full poster pdf)
  • “Vaarahi VandhaL” a solo presentationby Smt. Sreekala Bharat.More Info
  • “Ethiraja Vaibhavam” – Solo Dance Feature on ‘Ramanujacharya by Zakir Hussain. Rupa Srikanth’s review can be read here
  • Sharanya Sampath’s thematic presentation on “108 Divya Desam”
  • Navtej Johar’s Meenakshi memudham Dhehi, a solo BN presentation- Read Review
  • Pavithra Srinivasan’s “Sundarakandam”, a solo BN presentation
  • Anjaneya Veera by Gayathri and Balagurunathan
  • “Kadalagi Kasindhu”, Mystical Journey of Love with choreography by Kavitha Ramu. Saw some fantastic photos of this new production. Will share details when I get to know more. I am planning to do a special post on this one! For now you could browse
  • “Sri Lalitha Nrutyarchanam” by Manju Bhargavee and Group – Read Review
  • Madhuvanthi Arun’s Tamizh. Click here for more information
  • “Koodi Erundu Kulirendelo Rembavai” from Anitha Guha’s dance school- Anitha Guha’s interview
  • Kalakshetra’s “6 part Ramayana series”- Review
  • Madurai. R. Muralidharan’s “Silapathigaram”
  • Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam’s “Paavai Noonbu”- it was nationally telecast in DD some years ago
  • Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam’s “Dasavatharam” BN solo
  • “Viralimalia Kuravanji” by Nrithyodaya(Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam’s dance school)(refer)
  • Krishna Kumari Narendran’s “Siva Swaroopa Thandava Lahiri” –Photogallery/ preview
  • Krishnakumari Narendran’s “Srisaradhe” Read Review
  • “Peacock Blue” – Concept Design by Gowri Ramnarayanan, Shhijith Krishna (Dance) Anjana Anand (Dance) Gayathri Venkatraghavan (Vocal)
  • “Sita In Navarasa” a dance drama by Suryanarayana Murthy and his group.
  • Kerala Kalamandalam presents “Arunachala Kavirayar’s Ramanatakam” kathakali in Tamil
  • Radhika Shurajit, Aadal Kaneero MLV80 (preview/ Review– Includes an interview with Radhika Shurajit)
  • Sheela Unnikrishnan’s  group choreography- “Janani Jagath Karani”
  • Ambika Kameshwar’s “Ananya Ramana”- Read review

Search our calendar for event timings and venues.

But remember to check since all programs are subject to change

6 responses to “Season 2009-2010’s thematic solos and dance drama lineup

  1. Amazing calendar. I am totally indebted to you for this. Please keep up the good work.

    I am happy you like it!

  2. Hi Sangeetha,
    I just realized that the timings you have mentioned in the calendar are all from 5AM to 10AM.

    Hi Ragothaman,

    The Google calendar automatically converts the IST to your local time (Your time zone is probably 12-14 hours behind India). If your google calendar setting is in IST then it will show events in Indian time. Please check that out and tell me.


  3. Hi Sangeetha,
    I checked it and you are right. It takes the viewers location as default time.

    Hi again!
    Thanks for keeping me informed.
    Enjoy your season.

  4. This is terrifying!! A lot of my friends have told me tht they drink these sports drinks in between items..!!

    You have used your knowledge in biology for the sake of bnatyam artistes.. 🙂 Nice 🙂 🙂

    Hi MR,
    Yep! A teenager who popped in to our house holding a popular sport drink (as I was chatting with you) triggered the post. It definitely seems to be very common. The sports drinks are now available in India too!
    The “placebo effect” is something we can never account for. People may be helped by a product because they think the product will help. Unless randomized- blinded and controlled trials prove(or have proven) the efficacy of these drinks, one may as well keep away.
    I am planning a few other posts on weight management for dancers too! When exactly that will happen depends on a lot of factors though!

  5. Also I have heard about many dancers trying to dance when they are ill! Specially during December season.. They are helpless if they fall ill on the day of a concert.. Does dancing increase fever?? I think yes.. If so, how do they supplement themselves with the required energy during the concert??

    Sangeetha :Fever is an indicator of an underlying infection. The body’s thermostat is now not maintaining the 97-99 F. The increase in temp is thought to facilitate the immune reactions to the alien attack. The cause of fevers can be as varied as its severity and more often than not, appetite is supressed too.
    The standard management suggested for fever is medical treatment of the underlying infection, Plenty of fluids, light food and rest. Light food since we dont want to overwhelm the systems that are already putting up extra work in fighting the infection. Thin/clear soups, diluted fruit juices, karaicha sadham etc are usually prescribed.

    Now let’s see what happens when you exercise with fever, your temperature usually rises and if it rises too high, technically there are chances that you develop heat stroke and pass out. Since a lot of the energy that you use to drive your muscles is dissipated as heat, the harder you exercise, the higher your temperature will rise. Your chances of developing heat stroke increase when the air temperature and humidity are high, you are dehydrated.
    To prevent heat stroke when you dance with fevers, don’t wait for thirst, drink plenty of fluid; and stop exercising when you feel the symptoms of a rising body temperature. The warning signs to look out for at temperatures above 104, one experiences become shortness of breath(demanding nritta may be impossible) and when your temperature rises above 105, delirium sets in you will often have signs of brain distress, such as a headache, blurred vision, ringing in your ears, dizziness, nausea or passing out.

    But if there are situations when the dancers might have to keep their commitments despite their illness it is safer to do so provided their pre- paracetamol temperatures are below 101 F. Mild to moderate fevers may allow them to carry on, spurred by their passion though it may be really hard to do their best. Hydration is the key. A spoon of sugar with a pinch of salt in a glass of water ensures hydration. the Na+ and Glucose ions facilitate water transport into the cells.

  6. Sugar is assimilated much slower than honey or glucose.
    Sangeetha : From current available scientific evidence, sugar (Sucrose) is a disaccharide made up of glucose and fructose bonded together and hence has to broken down into the component glucose and fructose before it can be absorbed. But hydrolysis does not appear to be rate limiting in the process of sucrose absorption, and the presence of fructose to glucose in the ratio of 1:1(as in sucrose/table sugar) makes the glucose absorption more effective. Studies have shown that the rate of absorption of glucose from sugar and glucose is not significantly different.But when it comes to using sugar/glucose as part of the rehydration solution glucose does better with increasing water absorption.
    Honey on the other hand is a mixture of fructose(higher % than sugar itself),glucose and smaller percentage of other sugars. Fructose is absorbed slightly slower compared to glucose.Honey has a lower glycemic index compared to sugar meaning, it is absorbed more slowly compared to sugar or glucose. Ofcourse it is sweeter than sugar by over 70% . And the chances of honey being adulterated are higher and is never a choice for rehydration purposes. But energy wise a spoon of honey has slightly more calories than a spoon sugar

    Commonly I hear many dancers swallow a pill or go for an injection to suppress the fever, and then dance. Later, the side effects will show up (cancer is typical)
    Sangeetha: oh??? I have also heard that paracetamols stop acting (to reduce body temperature) during intense exercise.. something to do with the sweat mechanism.. Not absolutely sure

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