BN & WWW Completes 2 years!

Yet another year has passed since BN & WWW came into existence. I have absolutely enjoyed this journey. It continues to be a learning experience I should say. The stat counter last year stood at  65,169 and reads 152,086 hits today!

 The top 10 posts in the period between Nov. 2008 and Nov 2009 were as follows:-

Madras(Chennai) Music and Dance Season (2008-2009)
Aharya Abhinayam-
Differentiate Between A Varnam, Padam And Shapdam
Music and Dance Season 2009-2010
Natyanjali 2009
Making an aesthetic statement with dance costumes
Cleveland Tyagaraja Aradhana Bharathanatyam competition
A brief chat with Pooja Kumar
World Dance Festival In Japan 
An anonymous letter to young dancers and their parents

Now for a vote of thanks!

This year, the blog introduced me to two great friends Ms. Soumya Tilak and Mr. Madhana Raghavan both graduate students at USA. They are a great support and pitch in despite their rigorous schedules. Thank you both! Thanks to all the artistes who share information, friends who identify topics, patiently proof read and do odd tasks at all/odd times.I am grateful to everyone listed in the “Support” page. I absolutely enjoy the lively chat sessions with a few friends which ensures a continuous stream of ideas/topics for discussion. Thanks to all readers and  for all those comments. Some of these comments and emails, despite by request not getting to see the light of the front end of the blog, have provided hours of fun. Keep it coming readers!

I would be failing miserably if I forgot to say “Thanks” to wordpress. But I sincerely wish that they let us embed the google calendar though! I wish to express my gratitude to my son and husband for their tolerance.

I am looking forward to the next year already. With my academic commitments maintaining the blog is becoming harder by the minute, but I am sure we will find a way. Don’t you think so too?

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