K.J. Sarasa’s explores the link between dancers socio-economic status and their professional success

Here is a video identified by Mr. Madhana Raghavan.

It’s a very interesting one wherre  Guru K.J.Sarasa talks about the past and existing factors that contributes to a dancer succeding professionally. She answers the question “Is it hard for a Middle class dancer to succed today?” in her inimitable style.


Credits: You Tube User:http://www.youtube.com/user/arulramiah


2 responses to “K.J. Sarasa’s explores the link between dancers socio-economic status and their professional success

  1. “He said that dance would only go as far as my beauty. Once I became old no-one would watch me dance”. She probably meant Alarmel Valli. 🙂

    Sangeetha, why do some people preserve their youthful beauty while others turn into ****. “Good genes” is not an explanation, as identical twins in their 60s look very very different. If one thinks about Beautiful all the time, if one acts in a Beautiful manner all the time, it affects one’s face too. Do you know how wrinkles form?

    Sarasa seems to be living in the 1960s.
    She says that only those with a lot of money can become performing artistes. Hmmmmm… What did she mean by “performing artistes”??? She probably meant Jayalalitha. 🙂 How many TV channels were in the 1960s, and how many now? 🙂 Were there DVDs sold in Mylapore? 🙂 Sangeetha, do you think K.J.Sarasa knows what is the Internet? 🙂

    The reason few of her students are spending (how much does she charge?) money to showcase their talents is simple: nobody is eager to spend Rs.40000 (only Jayalalitha can afford to pay Sarasa’s and her orchestra’s fees) to “showcase” themselves in front of 20 people most of whom are their own relatives or classmates. If you think you are a great dancer dancing a great dance but only 20 people come to watch you…

    Hi again!!!
    What’s with this new email Id of yours??


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