Ajith Bhaskaran Dass and Nadarajan Muniandy collaborate for Ananda Absolute

Invitation, click to enlarge

Invitation, click to enlarge

A Double Bill Indian Classical Dance Programme

two dancers, two separate performances,

two distinctive windows extending out to the joy of dance and its glory

all under one production.

A double bill Bharatha Natyam, Indian Classical Dance, event is ready to stir emotions and exhilarate the soul.  Bringing exploratory innovativeness and traditional creativity, it extends the joy of Dance……Ananda Absolute!

Two widely acclaimed Malaysian male dancers, Ajith Bhaskaran Dass and Nadarajan Muniandy have come together to bring you this Ananda Absolute!

As a double bill event, you will get to watch two evocative performances in one evening.

Date : Saturday, 20th & Sunday, 21st June 2009

Venue : MTC (MATIC) Auditorium, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Time : 7.30pm

For invitations, please call :

Chelvi : +6012-710 1900

Santha Nantha : +6012-309 6369

Nadarajan : +6012-633 1911

Meena : +6017-331 0609

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