Rasa Unmasked by Sutra Dance Theatre

“Rasa Unmasked- Wisdom of India, Invoked and Savoured”

Rasa Unmasked is a new dance work touring Australia and South-East Asia in March and April 2009. It is a sensuous, vibrant performance and the result of a remarkable collaboration, between:

Rasa Unmasked is a sensuous, contemporary dance work that sheds new light on India’s most vital aesthetic theory. The performance premieres in March in Sydney, Australia – before an international tour to Malaysia, Singapore and India.

Rasa Unmasked is the result of a collaboration between Anandavalli & Australia’s Lingalayam Dance Company, Ramli Ibrahim & Malaysia’s Sutra Dance Theatre and ethnomusicologist / composer, Alex Dea – all pioneers of classical art forms in contemporary contexts.

It is a stunning collaboration, seducing Malaysian dance doyen, Ramli, back to Australian shores after more than 25 years, since his time as dancer and choreographer at the Sydney Dance Company.”, says their Media Publicity pages

To watch a video

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Event Calendar

The Australia shows have concluded

KL :April 7th -12th:  Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre, KLPac Website
Penang April 15th: Dewan Sri Penang, Penang, Penang Show Website

April 19th: Theatre Studio, The Esplanade
April 22nd: Chowdiah Hall, Bangalore,
April 25th: Chinmaya Heritage Centre, Chennai
April 28th: Kamani Auditorium, New Delhi

For more details, reviews and to buy tickets visit: http://rasaunmasked.wordpress.com/media-release/

Rasikas vote (watched it- pl vote)

3 responses to “Rasa Unmasked by Sutra Dance Theatre

  1. I did and I had not commented before. There is something wrong with your comment site or else somebody thinks exactly like me and uses the same words. Please check.

    Hi Maryam!
    I dont have another comment in your name or from your current IP address. Is it that poll your are talking about.. It is letting you vote? Let me know I will get rid of it..


  2. No, I wrote a long comment about Rasa Unmasked that I saw in Penang. I don’t care about votes. It was about what I felt,saw, lived, experienced during the show and a slight criticism of the dinner that followed. I was told it had already been said by me. Well I haven’t written any comment since I saw the show and cannot comment again now. I might do so later but words come once, with passion. To comment again, I have to concentrate and relive that moment, that voyage into my own unconscious again. I have to wait, Sangeetha. Sorry. I refuse to write a superficial, journalistic comment on such a deep experience during which time which as believe is subjective,became different, space also, and I lived both the show and my own life from birth to death like in certain dreams I have that are just fleeting images coming to the conscious mind from my unconscious.

  3. Sorry, Sangeetha, I didn’t know I had to register in RSS. I thought I could just write what I felt and how Ilived my own unconscious was brought out to the level of consciousness during the show. I registered and shall comment pretty soon. Sorry again. I wish I could see Rasa Unmasked every night for at least two weeks. There are so many things I have missed! Again, Sanghee, please excuse me for reacting a bit roughly.

    Hi Maryam,

    I am so sorry that your passionate comment was lost. I just hope you do find the time and inclination to tell us about it at another time.
    From your comments I can see that it really moved you..
    Best Wishes,

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