Mudivil Oru Arambham- a contemporary dance drama

Here is an upcoming project from Kalakshetra  students.

Choreographed by Shyamjith Kiran, a Kalakshetra graduate, and set in a college of dance, the dance drama examines the aspirations of young dancers, their dreams and their confrontations with the reality of our consumer society. Kamaal, Guru and Uttaman meet on their first day of college. As they immerse themselves in their ancient art, they bring to their work their diametrically different attitudes and hopes for the future. Kamaal dreams of films and sees dance as a means of attaining stardom. Guru understands that dance is a spiritual art form, an end unto itself and strives to perfect his art with devotion and attention while Uttaman, ambivalent and often cynical, sees only the many things he is unable to attain in the wider world.

As they grow as dancers and as human beings, the three friends prepare to face the world outside the protected environs of their college. How these three young men and their friends find a path through the often sterile wilderness of modern urban life is the substance of this fascinating and beautifully structured production.

It will premiere on March 29, 6.30 p.m., at the Kalakshetra Auditorium.

The dancers are Shyamjith Kiran, Girish, Jayakrishnan, Sanjith Lal, Viraja, Revathy, Sathyapriya, Sruthi and Nishanthie. Nattuvangam is by Hari Padman while the live orchestra comprises Eswar Ramakrishnan (vocal), Sheejith Krishna (mridangam), Sashidar (flute), Ananthanarayanan (veena) and Rijesh (violin). The music is by Jothishmathi, Sheejith Krishna and Eswar Ramakrishnan, while script and dialogue are by Prof. Raghuraman.

For details, call 98842 07516 / 98842 07519.



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