Natyanjali 2009

The annual dance festivals held in temples to coincide with the festival of Shivaratri are coming up. Shivarathri this year falls on Feb 23rd, 2009.

Dance fest in Thanjavur The Brahan Natyanjali Foundation, Thanjavur is organising a Seven Day Dance Festival – Brahan Natyanjali 2009 from feb. 23 to March 1 at the World Heritage Centre, Thanjavur Big Temple starting with Mahashivarathiri Day (i.e.) Feb. 23. To participate in the festival and for details contact Phone 098424-55765 or 04362 -238235. Email id is

Natyanjali at Chidambaram Chidambaram is special. This is where the dancers were invited to the temple precincts to perform a little over 25 years ago. Then, the 1000-pillared sabha in this temple was the stunning stage for the artistes. Now, this structure has been protected and the dance fest is held in the eastern outer courtyard of the temple dedicated to Lord Nataraja. The annual fest is hosted by the members of the Natyanjali Trust – a cheerful, low profile band of people who do a great job as managers of the event. The festival will begin from Feb. 23 evening. The recitals go on past midnight on Shivaratri day and end up the next morning! The Natyanjali Trust which hosts the event proposes to present lots of up and coming dancers this time around. For more details contact phone no. 04144 – 222732

Natyanjali at Kumbakonam The annual Natyanjali dance fest at the Sri Kumbeswarar Temple in Kumbakonam will be held on Feb.21 to 24. Dance programmes will be held from 6pm to 12midnight on Feb. 23. The fest is held in the courtyard of this temple and starts at about 6pm on Feb 21, 22, 23 and 24. For details, contact Natyanjali Trust Kunbakonam, Moopanar Bungalow, Dr. Besant Road, Kumbakonam. E-mail : Phone : 0435 – 2442396

Online Live Video Coverage (webcast)

Kutcheribuzz will bring us a live video coverage of the Natyanjali 2009.  This will be a disappointment for dial up userd becasue to view this live coverage you will need a broadband Internet bandwidth of  minimum 128kbps   to view the video.


For  participating dancers who wish to webcast your  concert here is what Kutcherbuzz says (this service is not restricted to Natyanjali alone):-

Web Cast your Concerts
Kutcheribuzz now provides artistes an opportunity to get their videos broadcast worldwide.
This web site offers to host short videos online. They can be videos of arangetrams, dance recitals, festivals, dance features, music kutcheris. . .
But they should be not more than 20mins. in duration.

How do we go about doing this?

We can videograph excerpts of your concerts, edit the tape and webcast it for one month on The fee is Rs.1200.

The other option – we can web cast a 20min video produced by you and run it for one month on The fee is Rs.750.

If you want us to shoot and cover your festival / events, the fee is specific to the assignment. We will need to discuss it!

So please contact Ms. Bhanumathi on 91-44-24994599 / 24993767.

Viewing the Online Video:

Readers may view the natyanjali concerts at


3 responses to “Natyanjali 2009

  1. iam classical dancer from kerala. disciple of Dr.padmabhooshan vempatti iam in bahrain.i like to perform kuchipudi dance in front of chidambareshan……..iam praying….. iam praying and wishing for to success in all way to all artists.

  2. Hi Sangeetha,

    I would like to know the various Classical Dance festivals in India and overseas, similar to Natyanjali. A few which I came to know from my artist friends is the Konark, Khajuraho and Udipi (pardon me for the spellings). Will you be able to provide further info on when does these events happen and whom to contact to register/apply for participation?

    Thanks and Regards.

  3. I managed to get quite a big list of events but not the contact details of all.

    Glad to hear that.. this blog has the contact address for Natyanjalis (Chidambaram, Thanjavur and Kumbakonam). and Konark festival. Khajuraho and Udipi I dont think this blog has them yet.. Just try a google search you are sure to find it.


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