A Thesis Titled “Development of sadir in the court of Raja Serfoji-II (1798-1832) of Tanjore”

Here is a detailed  PhD. Thesis titled “ Development of sadir in the court of Raja Serfoji-II (1798-1832) of Tanjore” submitted to the University of Hyderabad by Radhika V.S, under the supervision of Nataraja Ramakrishna in the year 1996.

The content of the thesis is as follows:-

  • Preliminary: (Includes Contents).. Download here
  • Chapter 1 (Itroduction,The Colas, Nayaks,the Maratas of Tanjore, Significance, objectives and Scope of Study). Download Here
  • Chapter 2( Raja Serfoji II- and his patronage to the development of Art, includes information on Sarawathi Mahal Library, Serfoji II, Music, Dance, Bhagavatamela Nataka, Rules for  Court dancers and Nattuvanars etc.). Download Here
    • Chapter 3  Development of Technique and Format of Sadir (Includes a comparitive study of the adavus in Sangita Saramrita with the current practice, Nirupanas, systematization by the Tanjore Quartet) Download here
    • Chapter 4 Contribution of Court Composers and Musicians (A detailed study on the Tanjore Quartet). Download here
    • Chapter 5 Last Phase of Royal Patronage for Sadir at Tanjore.(Includes a write up on present day scenario and some intersting appendix including a Shapdam on serfoji II, Nirupana text by Serfoji and Interview schedules administered to prince tulajendra Raj Saheb, Guru Kitappa Pillai and Smt. Tilakam, a descendant of the devadasi tradition) Download here


It must be noted these are huge PDF files and take a while to download and showup. Dont be worried if the links dont immediately show up on your screen!

Source: http://dspace.vidyanidhi.org.in:8080/dspace/handle/2009/739?mode=full

One response to “A Thesis Titled “Development of sadir in the court of Raja Serfoji-II (1798-1832) of Tanjore”

  1. The links to the thesis not able to download. Need them urgently. Kindly help with alternative method.

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