Interesting read from The Hindu’s Dance/Music Season Coverage..

  • Importance of the Orchestra that accompanies a dance recital..Murali Parthasarathy, Swamimalai K Suresh, Radha Badri and G. Vijayaraghavan tell us more about it at
  • Double Impact: Two is company. Especially for some on whom the Margazhi spotlight has fallen over the years, be it in the field of music or dance. The Dhananjayans, the Reddys and Narasimhachari-Vasanthalakshmi have paved the way for many others to follow. The Margazhi Vizha has, over the years, thrown up some very talented pairs. Here are a few who have made a mark:  Read more at
  • A discussion on ‘Aesthetic Purpose of Bharatanatyam’ led by eminent music and dance scholar, Thanjavur B.M. Sundaram, with a panel of distinguished practitioners such as gurus Adyar Lakshman, Indira Rajan, Nandini Ramani and Jayanthi Subramaniam last Sunday, turned out to be a very lively and informative one. It was organised by Sri Thyaga Brahma Gana Sabha . Topics discusseed include:-
    • History of nomenclature of Bharathanatyam
    • Differentiating Theermanam and Jathi
    • Thanjavur Quartet-streamlined margam
    • Balamma’s style
    • Alarippu accompanied by Tirupugazh
    • Compering for a dance show (Interesting points here)
    •  Ancedotes on Pandanallur Jayalakshmi and Shanmuga Vadivu

One response to “Interesting read from The Hindu’s Dance/Music Season Coverage..

  1. What the article does not mention is that it is dangerous for the dancer to select an orchestra (or individual musicians/vocalists) whose mastery far exceeds the dancer’s.

    A friend of mine, who recently attended a Bharatanatyam recital where Manasi Prasad was the vocalist noticed that half of the rasikas closed their eyes and were just enjoying the vocal music, and the other half turned their heads towards Manasi and did not pay attention to the dancer at all. Amusing, isn’t it?

    Hi Again!

    Its a point to ponder..

    I have heard a few people refusing to attend dance performances because of the “horrendous” music accompaniment. I have heard a few singers refusing to sing for Bharathanatyam performances since they feel it will dwarf/stunt their musical skills! I have never been able to understand this.

    Good music to me, should function as a value added addition. In the yesteryears I have heard often that Madurai. Sri. Sethuraman added a gloss to the performance. Even a Simple Keeravani Jathiswaram would become more attractive with his innovative modulations making one sit up and watch more..

    Did you enjoy the season this year?


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