Lakshmi Viswanathan’s book release

Chronicling a lost heritage

Lakshmi Viswanathan’s book on the devadasis captures the spirit of a bygone era .

The very title is evocative — “Women of Pride-The Devadasi Heritage”. Dance artiste and choreographer Lakshmi Viswanathan’s book on the devadasi heritage is based on years of research disguised as an easy read.

“I want to make this information accessible to every one, not just to academics or the dance community,” she smiles. “The lay reader may be surprised by some of this information, with details about devadasi participation in court life, the extraordinary status they enjoyed, and their philanthropy. There were nationalists and freedom fighters too among them, who wore only khadi.”

Read the full article from The Hindu here

Thanks to Mr. K.T.J. who identified the article for us.

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