Tenth annual performance of Kaisiki Natakam- Vaishnavism

The tenth revival performance of the all night ritual theatre tradition KAISIKI NATAKAM will take place on December 9, 2008 at Tirukurungudi, Tamilnadu .

The sacred environs of the AZAGIYA NAMBI temple at Tirukurungudi will reverberate with this historic performance that was revived after more than 50 years of decay and neglect.  The story of the low born devotee Nambudevan and his single minded devotion to Lord Vishnu as Nambi, resonates with the same passion as Nandanar in Chidambaram. The interception of the demon and his subsequent surrender at the feet of this true devotee is the legend of Kaisiki Natakam which takes its title from the ancient Ragam (Pann) of the music score. 
Over the past twelve years, Anita Ratnam has been heading the team that began the revival efforts. The journey has been long and fraught with many challenges. Still ahead lie more bridges to cross but the annual performance has revived crowds to this magnificent shrine and international music and theatre directors have visited to document this unique ritual theatre form.  
 Tirukurungudi temple is near Eruvadi, Tamilnadu – 30 minutes drive south of Tirunelveli
Time of performance is 10pm onwards on December 9. Duration is for about 4 hours into the early hours of December 10. 
ARAYER SEVAIwill be performed by the priests of Sri Villiputtur temple around 4am on December 10. 

Anita Ratnam: arangham@gmail.com  

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The Arangham website’s ritual and revival has been updated

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