This Day that Age…

This blog was born precisely a year ago.

Happy Birthday  Bharathanatyam and Worldwide Web!

To be frank, I never thought a blog dedicated to Bharathanatyam and its related aspects alone would find some readers and sustain for even a year. The blog uses the free but excellent services of wordpress and there have been no attempts to “market” or commercialize this blog. The total view statistics of the blog as of now reads 65,169.

This blog has taught me more than just the aspects of website creation, maintenance and management. It taught me patience! It has also been a major learning process in the spheres of Bharathanatyam History, Theory, prevailing practices and trends and also related subjects. The blog started off as my own way of sharing information with a few friends. Somewhere in its journey it picked up some momentum, brought together some long lost friends, helped people find the lyrics they were searching for, find the cassette/book they were looking for, find gurus for their kids. It has helped people find other kindred souls scattered all across the globe. What a comfort that is! When a dancer told us about her program and readers began commenting on it, it was a harbinger of what was happening across the world of Bharathanatyam literally.

I owe all this to the dancers, writers, website owners, fellow bloggers and readers who selflessly shared their knowledge, thoughts and opinions through this blog. It was indeed a pleasure to interact and learn from committed journalists, dancers, musicians, musicologists, historians and ardent rasikas. I will during the course of the day include a new page today titled “ Support ” carrying their names and links to their website . I thank all fellow bloggers who have linked to this blog and bring in traffic .The list is by no means inclusive…

 “My salutations to all !”

I am grateful to my Parents and Gurus who instilled a passion for learning.  And above all I thank my family who bear and put up with my obsession for most part.

Thank You All



3 responses to “This Day that Age…

  1. Sangeetha,

    This is probably one of the best blogs I have ever come across.

    To a certain extent I am aware of what you have undergone in this one year.

    Happy moments..
    Not so Happy moments..
    Sad moments..

    You sailed through all these and it is indeed a proud moment for all of us.

    A very special moment for me as well !

    My Best Wishes and Blessings!!

    Sangeetha: Thankyou RKG sir!

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