Recent Season Info updates/Upcoming programs

 Visit to see a few  upcoming programs for Jan 2009

Here is a gooddatabase to check for concerts in Chennai

Carnatic Darbar Season updates (includes schedules for many sabhas) can be seen here

Carnatic Darbar presents the Kalakshetra dance schedule here (Dec 21st,2008 to Jan 3,2009)

Kartik Fine Arts season schedule is here

Art Indias website now has a lot to offer at looks complete now.

Programs of Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam can be found at

Music Academy Dance Festival between Jan 3rd- 9th (2009) can be seen here

Tapas Academy programs , Jan 2nd to 7th (2009) can be seen here

3 responses to “Recent Season Info updates/Upcoming programs

  1. Sangeetha,

    Thanks for your comment on our blog. I guess, music is the best way to take our minds off the recession and other disadvantageous factors 🙂

    Like a poet once said, music is love in search of a word!

    CMO Team – MGL


  2. I recommend everybody should come and watch Kalapradarshini’s topmost dancer Divya Prabhakar on 2nd Jan . Sit in the front row, otherwise you will miss much. 🙂
    Will have a Mohiniattam-like flavour, but very original anyway! 🙂

  3. Another recommendation from my outspoken friend who swears that hardly any Bharatanatyam dancers know what is real lasya:

    Vipina Ramachandran
    (currently, the actual “guru” at Gopika Varma’s school)
    17 Dec, 18.00-19.00 at R K Swamy Auditorium

    One of the best Mohiniattam dancers in India, by the way.

    Thanks Bharatanatyam. I appreciate you sharing the info. I will be moving both these programs into the post when I put up updates for the perios Dec 16th-jan 1st.If there is a change in the schedule, please let us know!

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