Toronto: Bharathanatyam by Pooja Kumar on Nov.1st,2008


Pooja Kumar
Pooja Kumar

 Adi Arulneri Marnam 



a Bharathanatyam recital by Pooja Kumar  

Venue: Middlefield Collegiate Institute 525 Highglen Ave., Markham

Date: Saturday, Nov. 1st, 2008,

Time: 5pm.

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*The Program will feature compositions with Saivite Themes

4 responses to “Toronto: Bharathanatyam by Pooja Kumar on Nov.1st,2008

  1. It was absolutely amazing; she started off with “Ananda Natana Prakasham” in Kedaram which had the audience in awe! Although there was a slight problem with videotaping which was resolved when Pooja kindly requested that they turn them off. The second piece she presented was “Devi Neeye Thunai” in Keeravani, which I personally found very beautiful, although it was a bit hard to see because the audience kept walking back and forth. The Final piece from the first half was the Varnam “Swami Nan Unthan adimai” in Natakuranji which was the most beautiful renderation I’ve seen in years the jathi’s themselves were excellent altogether. But I felt the piece was too heavy for the audience because many of them lacked the knowledge to understand the steps. Some people were very rude and started talking amongst themselves, which I found very rude. After the second half was done the organizer put on some amateur shows, which were extremely boring! It was well over an hour before Pooja did the second half, which consisted of “Nadamadum Nathanadhi” a keerthanam and a “Thillana” in Nalinakanthi. To round things up the show was Super amazing, except for the amateur acts. And the Audience etiquette was horrible. We hope to see Pooja again, in Toronto. And next time maybe an show where only she performs.
    Great Job Pooja Kumar.

  2. Also, the Show wasn’t ell organized. It was good that Pooja brought her own MC because the shows MC probably didnt know english to start.

    Great Job POOJA KUMAR!

  3. Ananda Natana Prakasham is one of Pooja’s strongest item, as her nritta is brisk, sharp-cut, precise, and her balance is superb. Her laya is excellent too.

    I hope she will not drift into the modern fusions of all kinds.

  4. (Comment moderated)
    I FELT LIKE KILLING MYSELF! LITERALLY! The other dances were so pointless and lifeless, it was merely done so they could tell people they danced! It was litterally Filth! No offence …….but you cannot Dance for ****! I beileve that you should not even go on stage to perfrom until your ready!

    There was a little girl at the program who got a Solo im positive she wasnt even 6 yet. She Just poisoned the pushpanjali! She shouldnt have perfromed! Im pretty sure she hasnt been through the adavus yet!

    Pooja if only you had the show to yourslef! that would have been the best show everr! Hopefully we’ll see you again in Toronto!

    And next time hopefully, you have the show to yourself! or the show consistd of better dancers!

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