Having an Eureka Moment today…Rasanubhava

After being really immersed in dance talk for the last few days… here are a few opinions I want to share with all of you.. They may be right, may be wrong or somewhere in between..

  • Dance quality may vary from absolutely despicable for all, to adored by all with all permutations and combinations existing in the ratio of audience like/dislike.
  • Good dancing and excellent(great) dancing are very different.. If a clean presentation is what you are looking for outstanding students can reproduce their Gurus choreography with authenticity and technical perfection, with minimal introspection on the repertoire. An excellent/great presentation occurs when the dancer has convinced himself/herself andinvaraiably convinces therasika and succesfully makes them forget the fact that they are watching ” so and so”. If the audience can watch Lord Muruga, Krishna and Venkateswara or Goddess Meenakshi live on stage.. that indeed is a live performance..
  • As long as a dancer however good as she/he may be , if he/she is consciously trying to impress the audience only with his/her vidwat or elaborate choreographies with a delibrate “wow” factor introduced, it is going to come accross as farce and highly pretentious..
  • Transcending the limitations of the human form, the infrastructure and the environment is what gives the rasanubhava.

Sri Nevyeli Santhanagopalan in his Jaya Tv show quipped that a big vidwan once said something to the effect

 “kaiyla viralai romba ennarare, kasukku prachanai illaye?”

 Well, the vidwan puts in a lot of mathematical calculations in his rendition , so is he faring well ?” 🙂 I leave the interpretation to the imagination of the readers… But I can see it hold good for our Bharathanatyam performances too!

The above points may be modified and applied to Carnatic Music  or for that matter any Art Form.. It is more than all those codes, the grammar, the pani (style), the execution,.. it is that which is inherent  in the artiste that makes mastery apparent and gives rasanubhava to the audience.

Well as a rasika it may be easy to say 🙂

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