Upcoming Programs of Shijith Nambiar and Parvathy

Shijith Nambiar and Parvathy

Shijith Nambiar and Parvathy

“One of the top male Bharatanatyam dancers in the country today” proclaims the mighty  “The Hindu”

“Shijith  Nambiar – the small prince of bharathanatyam”, “Dance like a man” rave other reviews.

The profile in their website reads….

“Shijith Nambiar & Parvathy Menon, Partners in Dance as well as in Life, are one of the prominent Dance Duos in the discipline of Bharatanatyam.

Shijith Nambiar, an ex-faculty member of “Kalakshetra”, Chennai, the world renowned institution founded by Smt. Rukmini Devi Arundale, is a brilliant Bharatanatyam performer with an unerring grasp of rhythmic intricacies.

A versatile Dancer, an exceptional Nattuvanar and a unique choreographer, Shijith Nambiar has already made his presence felt in India and abroad in the discipline of Bharatanatyam.

He has travelled around the globe with the repertory company of “Kalakshetra” and worked in Guadeloupe, U.S.A, Canada, U.K. and France as a choreographer and performer. Apart from his skill as a choreographer, teacher and performer, Shijith Nambiar is also a trained percussionist.

Shijith’s production “Krishna” was premiered in Kuwait last year. “Krishna” has already completed many stage in and outside India within a short span of one year. He was conferred with the “Yuvakalabharathi Title” in 2007 by Bharat Kalachar for all rounder in Bharatanatyam, Nattuvangam and Choreography.
Parvathy Menon born and brought up in Kuwait has completed her post diploma in Bharatanatyam from Kalakshetra and she is an exemplary example of the Kalakshetra baani (tradition). The excellent stage presence and exceptional bhavabhinaya demonstrated by Parvathy makes her distinct and exemplary. Parvathy has travelled widely around the globe as one of the lead performers of the Kalakshetra repertory Company.

Her most demanding role has been that of Christine in Masquerade of Kalakshetra which was widely acclaimed by eminent exponents of the discipline.

Shijith and Parvathy, together they explore the intricacies of Bharatanatyam, together they worship the spirituality of Bharatanatyam, together they pursue the dialogue of cultures in Bharatanatyam and finally together they take you to experience “Bharatanatyam”. ”

Here are a few of their upcoming recitals…

October 18th An evening of Bharathanatyam by Smt: Parvathy Shijith at Narada Gana Sabha Mini Hall, Chennai, 7.30pm. 

November 5th KRISHNA ( our group production) for Dharani festival at the Fine arts hall Cochin.

 November  7th  KRISHNA  at Pallikoodam , Kottauyam, Kerala

November 23rd  KRISHNA for ABHAI at Naradagana Sabha, Chennai.

(Pl chk the local newspapers for timings if absent)

To Know more about this dancing couple visit their flash website at http://www.shijithnambiar.co.in/. You are in for some great music treat there…

For an indepth review of their performance and choreography featured in The Hindu, visit http://www.hinduonnet.com/fr/2008/07/11/stories/2008071150620300.htm

They are also performing during the season, those schedules will be listed in the Post titled Madras Music and Dance Season that is being compiled currently.

6 responses to “Upcoming Programs of Shijith Nambiar and Parvathy

  1. {Comment Moderated} I am just curious.

    There is a huge difference in style between the dancers who grew up in South India and the dancers brought out in the Middle East, Europe, Australia, the USA, etc…

  2. Shijith and Parvathy are one of the best dancing couples around.
    Best wishes for all their programs.

  3. Best Dancers.Very nice….
    I suggest you post the same in ‘Dynamycdesi’.It is a online talent contest site for people and gives an award to the ‘Best Talent’.

  4. i wish shijith and paaru to give more and more excelant productions..and best wishes for thier successfull programmes..and i also proud to say that i am her good friend and classmate in kalakshetra…good luck.

  5. Shijith one of the best talented dancer from kalakshetra…&also he is ma frnd…am also did some stage showz with him wen i was in kerala…one thng is sure he can do the fentastc perfomnz…All the best 4 Evry1….!!!

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