My Vijayadasami salutation…

Guru Slokam

Agnyaana Timiraandhasya
Gnyaana Anjana Shalaakayaa
Chakshuhu Unmeelitam Yenam
Tasmai Sri Gurave Namaha.

Meaning: A Guru can save us from the pangs of ignorance (darkness) by applying to us the balm of knowledge or awareness of the Supreme, I salute such a Guru.

My Gurus… who taught me dance and music and so much more… 

Thanks Vishwesh Uncle and Chitra akka



2 responses to “My Vijayadasami salutation…

  1. Hi Sangeetha

    The music is sooo wonderful, the feeling he is emoting in his music is being danced to with so much unison.. truly I wish there were more music of Mr Eashwaran’s recordings that can be used exclusively for dance…it would be reward to the dance world.

    Sumi Krishnan

    Hi Sumi,
    Isnt it wonderful! Mr. Visweswaran was the nephew of the musical legend Mr.GNB. He was also adept in handling of a lot of instruments. There is an collectors edition of a Bharathanatyam Margam and Santoor segment. It is titled Antardhwani, a song of the soul and celebrates the departed soul (Mr. Visweswaran). The Charukesi Varnam, “Innum en Manam” musically composed by Lalgudi-G. Jayaraman rendered by Viswesran uncle in this CD pulls the chords in one’s soul.

    I will soon feature a posting on this audio CD, as I have had requests for audio recordings of Mr. Visweswaran from various sources..

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