Lalgudi’s Dance Ballet “Jaya Jaya Devi” revived…

Jaya Jaya Devi has been in the news for the interesting judgement on copyright issue passed by Madras High Court. The court held in session by  Justice V. Ramasubramanian  said “it was clear from the language of section 17 of the Copyright Act that as a matter of general rule, the author of a work was the first owner of the copyright therein..”

Here is what Cleveland Cultural Alliance (CCA) has to say in their website about the ballet they featured in 1994 .

“This was CCA’s first production. CCA commissioned Sri Lalgudi Jayaraman to compose the music and the lyrics, and Shrimathi Radha to choreograph the ballet. This dance drama celebrated the omnipotence of Devi, or the female aspect of the Divinity. Each aspect of Devi was represented by a different dancer, all of whom were carefully chosen by CCA. Notable among them were Mahalakshmi as Uma, Anita Ratnam as Durga and Sreelatha Rajamoney as the female aspect of Ardhanareeswara. G. Narendra played the role of Shiva, and P.C.Ramakrishna in the role of Nandi provided the narrative links between the sequences. CCA undertook the entire production of this lyrical ballet as well as its N.American tour of 25 cities where it played to sold out audiences. ”

Photo Credits: Carnatic darbar

The Ballet was recently revived and staged in Chennai.. This time the dancers were Meenakshi Srinivasan, Mythili Prakash, Kirti Ramgopal, Tara Raman, Preeti Hariharan, Vibhushitha Chandrasekaran, Shraddha Balasubramanian, N. Shyamala and Meera Srikant , J. Suryanarayanamurthy, S. Shivakumar, Binesh Mahadevan, with Yathin Agarwal and E.D. Venkatasubramanian.

Carnatic Darbar faetures a review of Jaya Jaya Devi that gives more details about the opera..Please read it here.



6 responses to “Lalgudi’s Dance Ballet “Jaya Jaya Devi” revived…

  1. Lot of expectations..but a very disappointing show!

    Shall soon say why it was not upto the mark..

    Hi. Mr. Raj,
    Thanks for your comment… will await your explanation..

  2. WOW.. Great to find you here.. I just arrived and come from Sydney Down Under.. Check out my blog on – I too love music and dance and would love it if you could blogroll my site for your readers to enjoy.. your copyright article on Jaya Jaya was categorised as Dance so I picked you otherwise I would not ve found you I guess.. Sumi Krishnan

    Hi Sumi,
    Have added your blog to my blog roll..
    Have we met?
    Keep in touch..
    best wishes,

  3. ‘Devi’is a very interesting word.In fact it is a very positive word and it conjures up images of Durga/Lakshmi/Saraswathi.It is a very vibrant word and throbs with life.

    But what happens if some people even start visualising K R Vijaya.Sorry if I am sounding crude,but this is the stark reality now.
    Dance shows/programmes have become so glamourised that it is almost like a movie.

    Well, I am not against movies,but I feel classical dances have an unmatched aesthetic value and by glamourising we insult a beautiful traditional form.

    Recently,after a hard day’s work in the office on a Saturday,I went to NGS,Chennai with high hopes and great expectations.

    The hall was filled to the brim and one waited with bated breath for the show to start..

    Quality of dance-below average(except two or three dancers).
    Presentation-very poor flow.
    Music- good.. but definitely not suitable for dance(I am a very big fan of Lalgudi sir).

    One wondered the need for the ‘paambu dance’, ‘veppilai’and song on ‘thee mithi’.

    Yes, a majority liked it (going by the applause).
    But is it not a fact that whenever lights are dimmed and the theermanams reach a crescendo-whether the laya is maintained or not-we tend to applaud?

    Can applause be an yardstick for a performance?

    A very well known music and dance critic who was sitting behind us got up in the middle saying she could no longer tolerate that(not the applause!)

    Remember these words?

    ”And most important of all if audience shower their ooooo’s , aaas and resonating applause for each pose, and each jathi completed by the dancer? Are they expressing their gratitude at the completion of the torment? ”

    I know I have stirred the Hornest’s nest..

    But I had to voice my opinion on a ‘much hyped show’.

    Jaya Jaya Devi Jaya Jaya Devi Durga Devi Charanam!

    Thanks Mr. Raj! Sincerely appreciate you sharing your view. I see the passion but no intentional sting…
    I see that you seriously quote my earlier post too.:)
    Wish I was there to see it too!

  4. I liked Jaya Jaya Devi, though at times it was a bit overdrawn, and some of the dancers were not up to the mark. However, the most interesting segment was on Uma because the repartee between Shiva posing as an old man and Uma was done very well (lyrically as well as in choreography). The Ardhanari dance was also amazing to watch. The Shivas, in general, paled in comparison to their female counterparts.

    Thanks for sharing your views here Kiran…
    Heard that Suryanarayana Moorthy, Mythili Prakash and Kirti Ramgopal were outstanding:). Love your phrase “The Shivas, in general, paled in comparison to their female counterparts.”. Though I cant really comment on it since I didnt get to watch it,.. it makes me giggle nevertheless…


  5. I received an excellent feedback about the Jaya Jaya Devi programme at Narada Gana Sabha on 4th of Oct. The reviews that the papers carried were also very good. I think it was a remarkable show and great tribute to Lalgudi Sir’s Melodious Music and Lyrics and Rhadha’s excellent choreography.

    Thanks for the comment Pallavi. I have also read the review in the online edition of “The Hindu” at

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