Ajith Bhaskaran Dass’s upcoming”Ujjwala” at Malaysia

Suvarna Dance Company presents an exclusive one night performance entitled UJJWALA – AWAKENING THE INNER FLAME, will be staged at the Malaysian Tourist Center, Auditorium Dewan Tuaku Abdul Rahman. 109, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
on 30th August at 7.30pm, by Ajith Bhaskaran Dass

For details and making your reservation visit http://nmadasamy.com/AJIT/ujjwala.html

About Ajith

Ajit Bhaskaran Das: Is a leading exponent of Bharat Natyam and Odissi in Malaysia. He has also received extensive formal training in contemporary dance. His performances, therefore, reflect a unique image of conscious artistry, transcending boundaries between old and new, East and West. Ajit mesmerized audiences in North America with his portrayal of Kothal in the Shakti dance ballet Shyama and as a lead dancer in Bhagavad Gita, which toured the US and Canada in 20002 and 2003.  Ajit is Artistic Director of Suvarna Dance Creations, a well known dance company in Malaysia.


4 responses to “Ajith Bhaskaran Dass’s upcoming”Ujjwala” at Malaysia

  1. Hai Sangeetha, I think you are doing a wonderful work in informing the ardent fans of barathanatyam of important updates. For your very kind info “SUBRANJALI DANCE THEATER” under the artistic direction of GURU NADARAJAN MUNIANDY will be presenting SHANMUKHA-“Shades of emotion of the six faced lord”.
    DATE: 11th Oct 2008
    TIME: 8.01pm.
    Reading your articles in your blog tells me that you do attend lots of prorammes. I would really appreciate if you can witness this programme too. The tickets are at RM30,RM50 and RM100.please email me if you are interested. Then i will let you know how to get your tickets.Thank you very much. The reason i’m writing to you is because i would love to see you sharing your views about this programme in this blog.
    Thank you,
    Santha Kumari.S

  2. Dear Shantha,

    Thanks for sharing the info with us… Will move the info about the program into a new post. Will appreciate if you let us know more about this program, the Guru and the dancers…Please also let us know how to get the tickets and or contact Nos. or URL…
    I will definitely make it if I am free on that day. MATIC is one place that I really know:)Infact I did pick up a flier of this program at Ajith’s program.

  3. Hai Sangeetha,
    This is S.Santha again,I will notify how to contact me through your e mail add. Thanks for ackowledging me.I feel so honoured to become part of this website. I love Classical music and Bharathanatyam as if it was my life and breath but unfortunately could only do my Classical music. My little girl is fulfilling all my wishes of becoming a dancer and she is so previledged to dance with her master and others in this programme as she just completed her Salangai Pooja in August.I am looking forward in meeting you at the show.
    Thank you,
    S.Santha Kumari.

  4. Very talented dancer..
    I am happy to introduce a site ‘Dynamycdesi’.It is a online talent contest site for people and gives an award to the ‘Best Talent’.

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