Upcoming Dance events in SKGS, Chennai

Here are some upcoming events in Sri Krishna Gana sabha, Chennai.

4 th July, 2008- 6.30pm

Sheejith krishna and Suhasini of Kalakshetra present “Sri Rama Charitham

Dance Ballet based on Bhajans Sung by O.S. Arun

Choreography by Sheejith krishna

5 th July, 2008- 6.30pm

Mohiniattam and Bharathanatyam duet by Mandakini Trivedi (Mohiniattam) and Vaibhav Arekar (Bharathanatyam)

6 th July, 2008- 6.30pm

“Samanvaya” Bharathanatyam and Odissi duet by Nrithya Choodamani Alarmelvalli (Bharathanatyam) and Nrithya Choodamani  Madhavi Mudgal(Odissi)


2 responses to “Upcoming Dance events in SKGS, Chennai

  1. Hello,

    I will be in Chennai from late July till late September. I am interested in attending some cultural music and dance performances in Chennai. Would you know about the events happening during this time or would u know where i could get more information. My email address is rkkannan@gmail.com

    Thanks for your help.

    R. Kannan

    Hi Mr. Kannan,
    I will be leaving Chennai shortly. But I will attempt to keep you informed.

  2. kindly let me know bharathanatyam (tamil)in september 2009 at chennai

    Hi Rani,
    I would suggest you to look into Hindu guide to what’s happening in dance when you want to attend one. I will put up the ones that dancers write to me about here.
    Happy viewing!

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