A Leave of Absence

Hi Readers…

This is a first “out of track” post in this blog. Well if you did realize that the activity in this blog from my side has gone down a wee bit…. you guessed it right! Sorry for having kept you all in the dark for sooo long. I am moving from Indonesia like a typical nomad expat. I have lived here for around 11 years now and have a great set of Bharathanatyam students I will have to leave behind. It is emotionally very challenging… I have hardly been myself.

The sheer amount of crap that I did manage to collect (apart from my son’s artwork) was overwhelming especially when it has now come to packing. Well the point is the internet and computer will also go eventually. So I might be a little on and off and please excuse me. Well I intend to return to the circuit by the second week of July… But you never know my only predictable trait being my unpredictability I might hop in at any internet cafe (Warnet for my local readers) and post something. Please keep sending in your comments. I will look into the them as often as I can. If you did come upon something new and think would benefit our BN society at large, post it as a comment I will move it into a new post.

Well here’s some hasya rasa provided by my family and friends who kept me going when I so pathetically told them that I was moving. (Well I didnt say where I was going, did I?- Fine KL , Malaysia it is:)

Ok! Now for the quotable quotes from dear friends, relatives and aquaintances who never fail to make me laugh through my tears..

  • ” Is Bandung not in Malaysia? Didnt Indonesia belong to Malaysia .Oh so you were not in Malaysia- I thought you were based in Malaysia all this while”( well excuse me aunty, did you go to Geography class at school?..)
  • ” Wow now you get to learn Bahasa Melayu” (Great reason for a change isnt it- anyway Malay isnt very different from Indonesian Thankyou)
  • “Now I have reason to fly Malaysian Air” (Welcome to KL on transit)
  • “Please don’t forget to buy the green Cap balm from Indonesia one last time”(Adoooo- sayang sekali, love this one)
  • “Dont leave the wet grinder behind” (sigh!-I am sure you can guess where this one comes from)
  • I always wanted to go to KL (O dear! I don’t even want to know what that means in this context)

Well change is the only permanent thing in life say wise men. Will meet you with more on Bharathanatyam from Malaysia… KL here I come:)


5 responses to “A Leave of Absence

  1. Oh, wow…What a news!!! I Guess for your readers it doesn’t really matter what country you are writing from, your students and friends must be suffering a lot. But I can only imagine what YOU are going through at the moment – leaving a peace of your heart behind..

  2. Hi.I am Gowri from KL Malaysia. I’m glad to hear that someone actually teaches bharathanatyam in Indonesia. I’ll be pursuing my studies in Bali,Indonesia for the next five years and was really depressed that I might not be able to attend bharatanatyam classes again. Is there any possiblities where you can let me know if there is any bharathanatyam classes in Bali? Thanks. Looking foward for your reply 🙂

    Hi Gowri!
    Its funny that I am now in Malaysia and you arein Indonesia 🙂 Fine! The Indian embassy runs the Jawaharlal Nehru Cultural Centre. There is one branch in Bali. Ms. Nandini Krishnan teaches Bharathanatyam there. The Indian embassy website lists the centre and details. Look for Bali. the Jakarta centre teaches Kathak.
    That way you are lucky to have endedup in Bali!
    Best Wishes,

  3. Thanks a lot Sangeetha. Glad that you’ve replied. Really appreaciate your help :)Thanks gain!

    My Pleasure,

  4. hey Sangeetha! I’m susan from Malaysia and is very much interested in learning bharathanatyam. i’ve attended classes 4 about a year but had to stop due to trasport problem. Now that i can drive, i would love to continue pursuing my interest. I just wanted to find out if it is too late to start now as i am 19 tis year.i’m currently studying in KL and it will be great if u can send me some infos on classes in KL. Thanks.

    Hi susan,
    Nice to meet you here…
    Here are a few classes that i have come accross
    1. Temple of Fine Arts (TFA)(Guru Shankar Kandaswmay)- Brickfields. They have a website just check it out!
    2.Guru Nadarajan Muniandy (student of Kalakshetra) probably takes classes at Petaling Jaya
    3. Laasya dance academy in Brickfields by Smt .Usha Ramachandran (daughter of Guruvayoor Dorai ,famous Indian mridangist), disciple of Pandanallur Smt. Indira Rajan.
    4. There is Tanjore dance academy under Guru Indira Manickam.
    There are so many more students of TFA who take private classes in and around KL. I know Ms. Chandrika who teaches at the Raja Rajeshwari Temple in Ampang, near Ampang point
    Best wishes,

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