Dance as a sibling?

Madhu Natraj article featured  in The Asian Age reads

Dance is my sibling”.

Bizarre, pompous, precocious? But in my mind there is no ambiguity about this statement.

I have always felt that my mother (also my Guru) first conceived dance and then I was born!

My earliest memories are of watching rehearsals, playing with Ghungroos, reciting “bols” and subjecting unsuspecting guests to my own brand of movement.

Through all this was a quiet presence, my companion, my sister – dance.

Yes, dance is a woman, oozing Shakti, sensual, rebellious, demanding, at times unapproachable, raw, impulsive, gentle and completely indispensable!

Another interesting excerpt from the article

Legendary dancer Betty Jones (Limon technique) class was first. Next was Sara Pearson, looking like a New Age hippie. Her Rajasthani cap got me even more agitated about my pending shopping expedition.

Sara asked each of us to create 20 movements out of our index finger. I thought she had gone nuts and to add to my discomfort, she made me demonstrate my… (ahem) choreography!

And then it happened.

She said, “If you can create 20 movements with three of your joints, given your whole body will you ever be short of creating – movement?”

To read this complete article click here

Thanks to Mr.KT for providing us with the lead and link


3 responses to “Dance as a sibling?

  1. hi,
    I wrote this article for the Deccan Chronicle …not the Asian age

    Dear Madhu,
    Nice to meet you here:)
    Thanks for letting us know… Since the link that was provided to me featured your article in the Asian Age, I credited them. But I have made some changes to the introductory sentence, to the effect that it was featured in The Asian Age.
    Best wishes,

  2. I have written a few reports on dance performance, which are already appearing on the web world
    recently done a couple of reports and wanted to know how i can make it a part of this website

  3. Hi Mr. Shivakumar!
    I would be happy to host your articles, which would be of interest to all Bharathanatyam rasikas, in this blog. If you have already published them in a website, please provide a link and I will read the same. Will email you shortly and you can send in your articles at that address.
    Please provide specific details of prior publishing and sources/references.

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