Dikshathars Navagraha Kritis

Following is a excerpt from an article titled “ Dikshitar’s insight into astrology and science ” by Mrs. Sudha Jagannathan in their website Carnatic Darbar .com

“Muthuswamy Dikshitar is well known for his specialized compositions on various deities. One such group of compositions is on the nine planets (Navagraha kritis). These kritis demonstrate Dikshitar’s skill in Sanskrit, as he brought out the raga mudra (symbol) in a few kriti.

There are seven principal planets and two chaya grahas. The kritis are set in sapta (seven) suladi talas. The kritis are also known as Vara Kirtanas, sung in praise of deities who preside over each day of a week.

Muthuswamy Dikshitar was well known among the trinity for his in-depth knowledge on various religious and spiritual subjects.One among his group compositions consisted of vara kritis, on each day of a week.Musicologists felt that Dikshitar had originally composed only seven kritis.Each of these kritis fall under the suladi sapta talas.The two other kritis on Rahu and Ketu were additions and in course of time, this group kritis came to be called as Navagraha kritis.Nevertheless the Navagraha kritis also reveal Dikshitar’s insight into astrology and science.”

To read more about these Kritis, their ragas, their thalas and a short synopsis of the kirtanam, visit the website here

About Carnatic Durbar.com (Visit site)

This is the brain child of Mr K.T. Jaganathan , a senior financial journalist and a senior assistant editor with The Hindu, his wife Sudha, an enterprising journalist who reports on the Music related subjects and their friend T.M.Anantharaman, a retired senior journalist who has over the years written about music and the arts in The Times of India, The Business Standard, The Gulf Times, Doha-Qatar and in the Carnatic section of Sify.com.

In their own words…
“This website(carnaticdurbar.com) endeavours to focus attention primarily on the musical scene in Chennai and will attempt to write in a simple and lucid language the charms that permanently emanate from our sapta swaras – the seven notes that form the colours of various ragas and create virtual magic of sound and rhythm and beauty in music. The dream is to make this platform a centerpiece of awareness of not only the glorious traditions of carnatic music and its multi-lingual geniuses who give soul-filling satisfaction to thousands of lovers of classical music, but also to provide a platform for informed debate and discussions on various aspects of carnatic music and other Indian musical forms.”

The website features interviews, reports and opinion articles, brief descriptions of Raagas and other subjects that can be of great interest to lovers of music and dance.

Associated Links for dancers

Here is a link to the Navagraha Hastas for the budding choreographers who want to start off with the kritis..

Here is a link to get other Dikshathar Kritis with their meanings


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