Natyarangam’s Bharathanatyam Competition

Natyarangam (the dance wing of the Narada Gana Sabha) is organising dance competitions in three categories for Bharatanatyam dancers in June, at the Narada Gana Sabha mini hall.


8-12 years- Jathiswaram- June 14

13-18- excerpts from a varnam.-June 15

19-30- Abhinaya Competition- June 22

Applications are available at the sabha office. For details, contact Ph: 24993201.

For more info see this link from The Hindu

3 responses to “Natyarangam’s Bharathanatyam Competition

  1. Interesting comments on about this competition –

    Many of us probably remember last year’s Natyarangam’s committee members acknowledged that their dance competition was a flop: the majority of the dancers who came to pick up the applications were told that…. the application forms were over, as there was just 20 in each category.. Natyarangam’s committee members publicly announced “next year there will be no limit for the applications”. It was a lie: this year, Friday Review announced, “The first 20 applicants in each category will be chosen Natyarangam”. Will any dancers still want to apply for this shameful mini-competition?

    If I remember well, last year the judge at their competition was a 19-year-old girl Aishwarya.I will not be surprised if they have a 5-year-old judge this time! 🙂 How does it speak about the professionalism of Natyarangam?

  2. Hi Abhinavaguptaji! (How I long to communicate with him!)

    Here’s something that is from narthaki discussion board too

    ” Hi, folks! Natyarangam did not have any teenage judges. You have probably mixed up the name of a participant!!! Or it must be some other organisation! I remember Natyarangam had judges like gurus Narasimhachari, Nandini Ramani, Jayalakshmi Teacher, or senior dancers like Usha Ramdas, Jayanthi Subramaniam, etc.”-

    Looks like the teenage matter is resolved.

  3. I just had a hard look at your blog. It is a nice one. Lots of info and useful links. What I liked the most is your decision to give `credit’ to the source. This is not often done in modern day journalism. Since, i get to see/ read all info related to bharathanatyam, i am sure to revisit often. Great work. Thank you for introducing this site to us.



    Dear Mr. KT Jaganathan,
    Nice to see you here…We need to thank you for your website that aims at providing an unbiased portal for Carnatic Music.
    Thanks for your kind words on this blog. Indeed I make sincere attempts at citing original sources. As one says ” Do unto others, as you would they do unto you”…
    I will be emailing you shortly..

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