Festival of Solos by the Rangoli Dance Company

Rangoli Dance CompnayThe Rangoli Dance Company


Festival of SolosThree evenings of Bharatanatyam Dances including time honored classics and premieres in intimate settings.

Date :June 22, July 12 – 13, 2008.

The festival will feature dancers from Rangoli Dance Company and musicians from India.
The concerts showcase the exciting elegance of Shaheen Sheik, Lakshmi Iyengar, Hema Iyer, & Karisma Nagarkatti. In addition to presenting choreographic works of their mentor Malathi Iyengar, the soloists have contributed their creative energies to choreograph their opening dances.


Performances on July 12 (7pm) and July 13 (6pm) are at, newly opened, The Edye Second Space at the Santa Monica College Performing Arts Center in Santa Monica.

The June 22 (4pm) concert is at the Rangoli Space in Sherman Oaks.

Guest Artiste: Navia Natarajan

Artistic Director – Malathi Iyengar
Lighting (July 13th) – Eileen Cooley

Admission: $15
Information: malathisiyengar@gmail.com / www.rangoli.org / www.thebroadstage.com


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