ABHAI’s summer camps in Chennai for dancers

Looking for some dance workshops/camps in Chennai. Looks like a few are in the offing from ABHAI as published in Kutcheribuzz…

1.One camp covers yoga, pranayama and meditation and is conducted by Anil Kumar from Sri Sri Yoga. It is on from May 1 to 10, from 8 a. m. to 9 a. m.
Fees : For ABHAI members – Rs.500. For non-members – Rs. 1000.

2. another camp that focuses on ‘Prevention of Injuries‘ and it will be conducted by Dr. Kannan Pugazhendi. A faculty at the YMCA in Chennai, Dr. Kannan has conducted similar camps for classical dancers, using his experience with sports people. A recent camp on the same subject was held at Kalakshetra.

3. A third camp will focus on ‘Varnam‘ and is to be conducted by senior dancers M. V. Narasimhachari and Vasanthalakshmi. It will be from May 1 to 15, 9.30 a. m. to 11.30 a. m.
Fees: For ABHAI members – Rs.1750. For non-members – Rs. 2500.

For more information visit Kutcheribuzz.com


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