Classical dance competition at Mumbai

Kanaka Sabha Performing Arts Centre, Mumbai will hold its annual classical Dance competition – Natya Sagara on June 1, 2008

The competition is open to all age groups.
Junior group- below 12 years
Senior group- 12 years to 16 years
Special group- above 16 years

Venue: Academy of Fine Arts and Crafts (AFAC), Chembur, Mumbai – 71

The organisers can be contacted for further details at 91-22-2527 3302


Source: Kutcheribuzz

16 responses to “Classical dance competition at Mumbai

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  2. I will like to know if your organization allows person from other parts of the world to inter this dance competition, and what is the requirement.

    Thank you.

    Dear Monique,
    I am not the organizer of any of these events. Kindly contact the organizer directly!

  3. Hi,
    My daughter did arrangetram in 2005 and we are planning to come to Madras in December 2008. I am wondering is there a way she could participate in one of the festival events.


    Hi Lakshmi,
    I dont see why you cant if you did find an event to coincide with your trip. The Hamsadwani Sabha conducts a NRI dance festival every year. The VDS Arts Academy also offers oppurtunity for young artistes (within 20 yrs. of age) Both sabhas are in Madras and have their own selection criteria, write to them and express your intent.
    This blog carries a post on both the NRI festival and VDS awards . Please check them out!
    Best Wishes,

  4. hai sangeetha iam anitha vedagiri.i would like to know how to go abroad for teaching dance or to perform pls help me thank u

    Dear Anitha,
    I am not so sure about this myself.
    Performance-Most of it happens through personal contacts I guess.You have close contacts abroad, youdevelop a rapport and arrange a program/workshop amonst yourselves.. If you get empanelled with the ICCR, under the Indian Ministry Of Culture, they have oppurtunities to arrange programmes abroad , for eg The Festival of India conducted in many countries. Indian Missions also have a Cultural Centres and a few of them teach Bharathanatyam and probably that way you could get a placement. For details about the ICCR visit their website at

    Teaching– Some jobs are advertised through Even sometime ago, Alapana Fine Arts in Singapore was looking for a Dance teacher. You may do a web search and see if they still have a vacancy.
    But remember most countries have visa restrictions, meaning you would need to have a sponsored work permit to teach dance.

    Best Wishes,

  5. hi sangeetha,

    I always wondered that its difficult to perform for big sabhas specially some in chennai, its so tough to get through anyone to avail a chance to perform,i have written letter, mails.I dont get any reply!
    Is it the fact that only famous dancers are given opportunity there and only known faces get to perform.
    How do we get through people to perform for sabhas? Wat makes showcasing dance talent so difficult at times?
    Just a matter of discussion!



    Hi Sirisha!
    It indeed is, I get to hear , a rat race now… Well as a rasika, I have never found an unknown artiste being featured primetime at a prestigious sabha. Coming to think of it in the Sabhas perspective, dance kutcheris dont usually gather a big crowd.
    The crowd if you break it down seriously will have
    1. People from the same Dance class , attending either the Guru’s or a classmate’s program
    2. Relatives and friends of the dancer.
    If the audience is cross style and coming there just to watch, enjoy and learn,really the rasikas, then you must be one of the well established experts in the fields.
    On July 8th I had been to Sheejith’s Rama charitham in SKGS, a sponsored program in memory of Sri. Yagnyaraman… Well the attendance was pretty good . Around 75% of the seats atleast were full at the beginning of the performance.
    So if it is a ticketed program, it is safer for the sabhas to support well known dancers. After all they arent getting big sponsors too. Some sabhas do collect money from upcoming/ not very well established dancers to cover their costs. With rising petrol costs, the traffic congestion, and the poor parking facilities of the sabha, rasikas may be pushed a little too far:)

    Well, you cant blame the govt for not sponsoring upcoming artists, since they are still finding ways to feed the hungry. Corporate sponsorship may help. It is still in the nascent stage but well then it is atleast coming up. If your Guru is a big name, and is into making huge productions you can be lucky enough to stamp the floor of a reputed sabha, primetime in whatever capacity you were invited to join in.

    And then, there are a few sabhas (like the Fine Arts , Narada Gana Sabha and VDS) that host auditions/competitons for different age groups and the winner may be featured in their festival. How about the Tamil Isai Sangam? I am not sure..

    A few artistes have recently thought of artist exchange/network program. But how successfully it has evolved, I dont know. Incidentally upcoming carnatic mucisians are finding it a tad easier isnt it? Is it because carnatic music enjoys a wider rasika base? Or do the demands of a dance program restrict its venues?

    It is very hard and sad isnt it?
    Its a question that opens up a lot of questions… but how many answers?
    I wish you the best in your endeavour…
    Let me know if you have a video of yours hosted in the net.

  6. welll sangeetha!

    I so agree with all the points you have putup.its the question again should we keep quiet and just watch the rat race or be a part to win them, i see so many ordinary dancers doing so many big shows,not to say or put my dance on high platform, but i sure dance with better standards than some of them. Wel how much does recognition come:(.

    I am no more with any guru presently, but did n number of shows for my gurus at their corporate shows and their umpteen lecture demos.I thank them whole heartedly for making me a dancer of really competetive level, it was that gratitude which held me for long all this while. But now am out of the institution for good, cant blame anyone for anything.but thought should voice the exploitation only once and walk out.I have being teaching with them for eight years, and was among their cream of senior ensembles. But how long should i keep quiet?????? No answer,
    I think dance should be an art that should spread with zero inhibitions,and specially to people who cant afford it. So i decided i wil make things work on my own,I am making a small effort to teach few very talented blind kids at a school ans showcase their works in small shows, After seeing them dance, the joy is very difficult to express, but for sure is great.

    Music:i agree with you touches and reaches people faster, wher as dance u need the heart and interest to sit through it hence if feel its difficult to find rasikas.

    Do u suggest any gurus whom i can go to continue my advanced training.just asking out of blue.

    Wel coming to video i haven uploaded any, but surely wil add some in short while, let me know few places wher i can upload them other than you tube.

    Thanks for your view points
    it makes a difference


    Dear Sirisha,
    I am really happy that you found solace in teaching visually challenged kids…
    If you want to post a video on the net.. apart from You tube, here are a few others that I know of(I havent tried them though!) Check them out..

    I am sorry that I am unable to suggest a Guru who will complement your passion, since I dont know your style or your location/preferences etc. Nor do I know many Gurus personally…

    I learnt with Smt. Indira Rajan, when I was very young. I then learnt from Smt. Priyadarshini Ramchand who taught us selflessly and when she moved to USA she left me and few other senior students of hers, with her Guru, Smt. Chitra Visweswaran. It is almost 12 years since I left Madras…Though I live away from India and dont really have the opportunity to continue serious learning with her, I visit her everytime I come to Madras. I did so recently too. These are some special moments for me and I just cant wait for the next visit 🙂 This relationship is very close to my heart. Chitra akka and Vishwesh Uncle mean more than just teachers of fine arts to me. I learnt a lot of things just being there at the Chidambaram Academy of Performing Arts. It is said that a lot can be learnt by just observing one’s Gurus. There are so many other students who are very attached to her…

    I just hope that your future brings a great relationship with a Guru who helps you realize your passion. I am sure you will find what you are looking for.
    Best Wishes,

  7. Thanks Sangeetha,

    U r very right, the relationship a guru and a shishya shares is very special, it cannot be explained.
    its a totally divine learning.We learn more only by observign than actually taught. Wel thats one reason am a confident about my dance.

    I have heard a lot about chitra akka, she is a very special person, though i have not met her personally but attended very few workshops of hers and heard from other students in the dance fraternity.

    wel i live in bangalore, and i had begun my style of dance with vazhavur style, then continued with gurus for my advanced training, and they dint folow particularly any style, but taught every thing that was special in all styles. They were great at choreography and they were very talented. The standard of dance and teaching was very high there. I should accept tat.I did share very special relation ship with them, but lots change with time not to complain any.

    Wel sangeetha its jus the respect for them that i dont want to mention their name, and my respect to them will remain always and for ever.All that i thought as an issue there will fade with time, but there should be no discomfort caused to them because of one small usage of their name.I am very sure u understand this.

    Anyway i m ready to travel on weekends to chennai to learn if i get to learn from some very good guru.
    let me try,

    take care

  8. If we want to eradicate the trap of “exploitation”, why not indeed write an article that would help other dancers avoid such a trap? You don’t need to state any names, etc, we just have to expose the current (mal)practices.

    Sangeetha: This comment is addressed to Sirisha

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  10. I am surprised that Sirisha wants to come to Chennai while there are excellent gurus in Bangalore like Revathy Narasimhan or Kiran Subramaniam and many others! 🙂

  11. “Sirisha, who compered her own recital, took care to pay handsome tributes to her Bangalore-based gurus Radha Sridhar and Narmada, as also to Priyadarsini at Chennai and all her other associates”.

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  13. Hello

    can i have a teacher contact and email who is teaching classical dance in Australia please
    i will be thankful to u if you kindly reply me back.


    Hi Noor Rhyme,
    I dont have a database yet. I am thinkin of creating one:) But while I do that… you can look in here for a list of the locations and Gurus Institutions (in Australia)
    Just look for Bharathanatyam, and outside India and select Australia..


  14. hello

    can u suggest me some zonal level competitions that are held at mumbai …..

    Please check the Govt of Mahrashtra(Ministry of art and culture) website for details..
    I guess it should be there:)


    Hi Mr. Biswas!
    Please bookmark this blog and visit fequently. I may not get to know everything, but definitely what I do get to know I will put it up here:)
    Best wishes to your daughter
    Regards ,

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