An Online Degree program in Bharathanatyam

Alagappa Performing Arts Academy (APAA), in collaboration with the Alagappa University offers an online degree program in Bharathanatyam. Here is how they introduce their program…

“Bharathanatyam students spend years learning the art and perfecting the practice to perform the ‘Arangetram’ that can take from 5 to 7 years. If a student were to pursue academic studies during this time, they would be able to complete post-graduate collegiate education. However in the pursuit of learning Bharathanatyam, dancers are not awarded degrees or certifications for their accomplishments.

The (APAA), based in Escondido, California, USA has designed a novel academic curriculum in Bharathanatyam to demonstrate the repertoire of culture that is imbedded in the classical art of Bharathanatyam. In collaboration with Alagappa University, Tamil Nadu, India and leading artistes, APAA has developed a ‘Structured Learning Program’ in Bharathanatyam that enables a student to obtain a:

1. Certificate in Bharathanatyam (1 to 3 year duration)

2. Associate Degree (1 year after Certificate)

3. Diploma (1 year after Associate Degree)

4. B.A. Degree in Bharathanatyam (1 year after Diploma)

This unique degree program has been designed with specific coursework and practicals that a student has to successfully complete to get the respective certification. This is a pioneering effort that will be of great value to students. Effective detailed aids have been developed to enhance the learning process with a comprehensive review of the various aspects of Bharathanatyam that have been formatted in textbooks and interactive DVDs that vividly describe the precise execution of this art.

The program has been launched in the US, Malaysia, Canada, Denmark, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand and is being launched in other parts of the world. Please visit for more details and feel free to send your enquiries to”


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  3. i want to b bcme a gud dancer. so i need help, guide and support frm u? hw to apply the course

  4. Hello ma’am, I am Aditi Patil. I was learning bharatnatyam for a couple of years. I used to teach dance for 4 years. I used to go to a NGO as dance teacher, I was called as a judge for a competition for 2 years. Dance is my passion, however, I met with an accident and have injured my spinal cord. I am undertaking yoga therapy for the same. I couldn’t complete my bharatnatyam since I got busy in teaching and then the fall. I would say I am left with 5% to be learnt. Since I would not be able to dance like before, I would like to say my strength was my expressions. I know the abhinaya and basic theory. I would like to make my weakness into strength and get back to dancing. I was lucky to find this site and I consider this a golden opportunity to get an official certificate in bharatnatyam. Its my dream to open my own academy and I would like to know the youngsters about this form of dance. Abhimay is my plus point and I would like to use the same for my academy. Thank you for this opportunity. Hope you would do the needful. Thank you. I would like to complete my bharatnatyam and health will not be an excuse. I will try to give my best.

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