Thanjavur Temple and dance….

Interesting excerpts from the lecture on the Big Temple organised by Ranga Mandira Trust and the department of Natya, Dr.M.G.R. Janaki College. Kudavayil Balasubramaniam reveals some rare facts about the Thanjavur Big temple.

“Nayak installation The nandi before the sanctum sanctorum was installed by Sevappa Nayak.

The Srivimanam does cast a shadow. The dome on top of the vimanam is not a monolith.

Fine arts There were 430 dancers in the Big temple. Their names and addresses have been recorded in the inscriptions. They were paid out of a corpus fund.

During the five pujas in the temple, all 430 dancers danced and worshipped Lord Siva, accompanied by 150 musicians. Raja Raja gave the honorific Raja Raja Perum Thachan to the chief architect of the temple.

Highlights There are sculptures of dancers showing 81 karanas. The remaining were not completed, because Rajendra, son of Raja Raja, took all the sculptors with him to build a Siva temple in his new capital.”

Read the entire article here…

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