Dancing for the Gods by Preeti Vasudevan

URL: http://www.dancingforthegods.org/

Dancing for the Gods is an interactive multimedia website dedicated to Bharatanatyam, one of India’s oldest and best-loved classical dance forms. This amazing project is the brain child of Preeti Vasudevan, a long time student of the Dhanajayans. She also holds a Masters in Choreography and Movement Analysis from London which equips her to scientifically analyze the technique of Bhartahnayam without losing on its tradition. This indeed is a unique presentation.

The Project aims to bring the art form to a newer, younger audience using the incredible learning potential of the Internet. Whether you’re a student of dance, a teacher….or you’re just interested in Indian classical culture, I think you’ll find lots to interest you here!

They have a wide range of activities, videos and animation that can be used in classroom situations. There is a moderated discussion board that allows interaction and discussion on topics in related areas .

There is a Demo for an overview of what’s on offer. Registration is free – so if you like what you see, you can sign up and participate in their forum, learn the technique and much much more.

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