Indian Dance Exchange- A new Initiative

Prasanna Kasthuri of Soorya Dance Compnay, USA has come up with a unique initiative to bring about a Classical Indian Dance Exchange program.

He says in the Narthaki board “Time has come for all classical dancers to prove that they can come closer to people’s heart through their simplicity and perfection. I understand each Bharathanatyam dancer goes through quite a gruelling years in attaining a performance status. Most of us have the habit of looking at the Sabhas to do lot of our performances. Although it is essential that this is needed, but lot of things can be accomplished by mutual appreciation and helping. The reason I am saying this is, most of us forget to return the our thanks to our own creed by not encouraging ourselves.

: We can do these things by making our demands lesser and keeping the quality more in a decent level. With these days, with CDs and beautiful pre-recorded music, we can perform really well with very low cost. So, if we can setup a network of performances in-lieu with any western dance network, we can do a better job. We need to think beyond ourselves for enrichment of our art. Lets remove our insecurities and see if we can simplify and perform better and reach more people and win their hearts. These ventures are only possible by helping each other, meanwhile not bankrupting them.

: My city’s doors are open as long as the artists are not too demanding, and able to manage with what ever we can afford them. You need to win the hearts of traditional Rasika’s and as well as the new audiences. You may need to think out of the box and start something different. We all should know that we are the tradition at present generation. we prefer solos or duets. We know, we can only manage small performances.

: If you are coming to St. Louis, MO , please send me your details. Meanwhile, remember, I will be seeking the same help from you. This way we can build a network and look forward for a decent touring, which is the soul of an artist.

: I am not asking this relationship for a short term, but for a long lasting one, which should withstand the test of time and support the dance world. If you are one of us, please send me your thoughts to my email-”

He has opened a yahoo grooup called “indiandanceexchange” -as a place for idea exchange. Please visit the same and contribute your share of ideas.

If I remember right the CID- UNESCO has a similar program operating. Its just that I wasn’t too sure it happened among Indian dancers ever before. We have tried it a couple of times here in Indonesia. The sad part is we don’t get to know if some artist is visiting our place before hand. Sometimes even the few ICCR programs that are arranged invite very few people. Infact very few people get to know that there would be an Indian Dance performance. Artists should make it a habit to post their travel plans ahead , giving contacts that will make it easier for interested people to network.

Click here to join indiandanceexchange
Click to join indiandanceexchange

One response to “Indian Dance Exchange- A new Initiative

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