Meet teenage dancer Meera Sreenarayanan

Meera sreenarayanan is  a 14 year old student of class IX at Guruvayur, Kerala, India. She has been learning classical dance since the age of five. She had her arangetram at age of 9 and has since been performing. Meera performs in the Bharathanatyam, Kuchipudi and Mohiniyattam  and folk styles. She is a disciple of guru. Shri.R.L.V anand .

Visit her website 


6 responses to “Meet teenage dancer Meera Sreenarayanan

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  2. This darling’s feet spark with the brisk nrittas, and she projects such powerful and concentrated beam of joyful energy! Ever seen anyone else like Meera? She has a great charisma indeed! Her eyes are so powerful!

    Her charm is disarming!!! Sangeetha, you know what a sharp tongue I have, but my eyes do not want to focus at her technical shortcomings: my eyes want to enjoy Meera dancing! 🙂 The critical part of my brain gets paralised! Ohohohoho! 🙂

  3. Dear Bharathanatyam,
    (I wish I could use a more real name though. Kind of sounds like official ticketing, you tube info, cinema crystal etc.)
    Thanks for visiting and giving your input.

  4. Sangeetha, you did not noticed that messages from “” are actually computer-generated spam! 🙂

    I also get this junk.
    Do I sound like a computer? 🙂

    Sangeetha: Your words have way too much passion to sound like a computer. But these computer generated ones were the only ones that did not have consistent names when posting comments in this blog.
    It’s a pleasure to interact with you.

  5. hi,I am bindu from palakkad.i am impressed by the way u performed . i want to know about ur guru shri R.L.V.Anand sir would u please give his contact no & adress.waiting for reply

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