Natya kala Conference on 24th feb

Ganamukundhapriya and Divyanjali present Natya kala Conference

  • Date:24th feb , Sunday
  • Venue – D.akshinamurty Auditorium , PS HS School, RK Mutt road, Mylapore, Chennai-4
  •  Time:10am to 11.15 am.

Key Note Address by Natyacharya VP Dhananjayan “The Living Art (facts and fictions) ,
11.15 am – Lecture by Sri Kishore Mosalikanti on
“Solo Kuchupudi performance – then and now”
Ideal for Students, performers, teachers – ENTRY FREE

Sent in by Mr. R. Sridhar


3 responses to “Natya kala Conference on 24th feb

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  2. The Organisation namely GANA MUKUNDHAPRIYA has celebrated its first Natyakala Conference oooon 24th February 2008. The organisation has an idea to have once in three months the conference of Bharathanatyam and its allied categories. During the month of April 2008 it will have ten full days for classical music concerts at sastri hall from 5th april to 14th april and will have bharathanatyam for nine days from 19th april to 27th april in r k swamy auditorium, mylapore. the organisation has taken oath to promote the cultural activities in greater speed.

    Sangeetha: Thank you Mr. Gopalakrishnan. Please keep us informed.

  3. a very interesting event. And congratulations to “Gana Mukundhaprya” for it’s ongoing conferences in 2008…

    Unluckily too fare away from Europe/Germany.

    Maybe actually here some friends/experts of Bharathanatyam can give some impulses to following topic actually I am dealing with: “Natya – and the importance of Ragas for Indian Dance/Theatre”…

    E.g. following questions here about:

    1.) What kind of ragas you think are suitable to present to the audience within an Indian dance/Theatre performance? – Does here exist some fashion trends in the 21st century ?
    2.) Which artists should be picked up nowaydays who represent best tradition and progress of music art of South Indian and North Indian Classics?
    3.) What kind of Indian Instruments (instrumental, vocal) are suitable (under the aspect of sound character) to present best the Raga melodies (and their importance) within dance and theatre performances of the 21st century?

    Would be great hearing from you and sharing some deeper going thoughts about…

    Many thanks / Best regards
    Eljay Arem

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